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Broncolor Siros 800 S Expert Kit 2 WiFi / RFS 2

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Broncolor Siros 800 S Expert Kit 2 WiFi / RFS 2

Out of stock
  • 2x Siros 800 S WiFi/RFS 2 monolights
  • 1x Umbrella silver 85 cm
  • 1x Softbox 60 x 60 cm incl. speed ring
  • Sync cable 5 m
  • 2x Junior Stand
  • Flash Bag 2
  • Accessory Bag
  • 9-stop power range
  • 1/10 or full stop intervals
  • Flash duration: 1/8,000 - 1/500 secs
  • Recycle Time: 0.04 - 2.9 Sec
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile app
  • Halogen modeling lamp
  • Integrated broncolor RFS 2.1 Receiver
  • Speed mode for up to 50 flashes p/sec
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The advanced equipment for the pro who wants more broncolor's new compact device combines unbeatable flash - and super-fast charging times with reliable and inuitive handling. At 400 and 800 joules, Siros is not only available in two output versions but also as a basic- or S-model.

The Siros S includes the ECTC technology you know from our high-end Scoro and Move power packs. ECTC controls the flash curve and guarantees flash durations from 1/19’000s (t0.5) and constant colour at all times. The enormous control range goes up to 9 f-stops, resulting in output as low as 2 joules which gives the photographer an unrestricted choice of aperture. And the lightning-quick charging time, 0.02 to 0.9s at 400 joules, means you never have to wait. broncolor offers the world’s most comprehensive range of light modifiers.

Siros is fully integrated into this system of unlimited creative possibilities. But that is not all! Two new reflectors have been developed especially for Siros: An umbrella reflector, which is equipped with a cover that also serves as transport protection, and a size-optimised reflector, the L40, with a snap-in system for mounting honeycomb grids barn doors with 4 wings.

All the basic functions of Siros can be operated using the free “bronControl” app. As soon as Siros is logged in to the WiFi network, you can control several devices using a smartphone or tablet with each clearly identified by different coloured LEDs. In this way equipment that is difficult to access or far away can be conveniently and easily set and controlled. Independently of the existing WiFi environment, Siros can set up its own network. One more advantage: the app controls the functions of up to 6 units with absolute clarity and full individual control. But even without the app, Siros is still simple and intuitive to operate. With the single rotary controller, the ‘Twist Function’ lets you set the output very quickly over several f-stops or very precisely in 1/10 f-stop steps. By pressing on the same knob you have access to the menu and to all the additional functions. There’s no simpler way.

bronControl app
Several Siros heads can be linked together as a group. The output of all the Siros lamps in a group can then be changed simultaneously. The modelling light from all lamps can also be switched on or off simultaneously, or at each Siros individually. In addition, each Siros has its own flash release delay. The release delay can be varied in very accurate steps of 1/100 s.

Up to four Siros (single units or groups) can be triggered alternately. Unbelievably short charging times, and so also very high outputs are possible.

Sync Sequence
With a Siros unit, you can preprogram a certain number of flashes (sequence). For most applications, it is important that all units flash simultaneously when triggered - the “synchronous sequence” function ensures this.

With the ‘Freemask’ function you can create masks (silhouettes) in the simplest possible way; they make subsequent image processing much easier.

Siros is fast
With flash durations from 1/8’500s (t0.1) or 1/19’000s (t0.5) in speed mode and recycling times from 0.02s you can capture every moment perfectly.

Siros is simple
Very simple operation using the single rotary controller. Alternatively you can use the advanced, intuitive app. Either way using Siros is fun.

Siros is powerful
The high light output, up to 800 J, leaves no photographer standing in the dark - it can even challenge sunshine.

Siros is Swiss
Do you appreciate quality? In Siros you have Swiss precision and quality - inside and out. Be inspired!

Siros is family
Proven meets innovation! The Siros studio lights and Siros S are all available in both 400 and 800 joule versions as well as the batterypowered Siros L. Equipped with the broncolor bayonet fitting, they are part of the best light system in the world.

This kit includes:
2x Siros 800 S WiFi/RFS 2
1x Umbrella silver 85 cm
1x Softbox 60 x 60 cm incl. speed ring
1x Sync cable 5 m
2x Junior Stand
1x Flash Bag 2
1x Accessory Bag