Broncolor Scope D50

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Product Highlights

  • 48 high-quality LEDs
  • Sophisticated capturing and processing software
  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth module for communication with the computer


The portable surface visualization system, developed by broncolor - powered by TRUVIS, is the result of a successful combination of scientific and digital innovation as well as technical know-how from 60 years of experience with photographic lighting systems.

The object is illuminated from many different angles using the optimally arranged LEDs in the dome-shaped housing of the broncolor Scope D50. In order to authentically reproduce the shape, colour and texture of a surface, the surface visualization system creates a two-dimensional overall recording from 48 individual images.

This digital recording can be viewed in any web environment and mobile device thanks to the simple workflow and the optimally coordinated hardware and software.

The information that is stored digitally during the recording allows a spatially and temporally unrestricted analysis, as well as subsequent adjustment of the surface illumination. These advantages, in conjunction with its mobile usability, make the broncolor Scope D50 a trend-setting product in the field of surface visualization.

More than digitalization
Based on 48 single images the powerful software creates a surface model.

More than photography
Unlike classical photography, the digital recording of the broncolor Scope D50 is not static but interactive.

More than lighting
The light that affects the object can be moved virtually, making it possible to display details that are barely visible to the naked eye. 


  • Portable integrated solution
  • Objects can be captured without a computer, too
  • Desktop or ground installation thanks to provided supporting feet
  • Can be mounted to a suitable stand (integrated tilt head)
  • Surfaces can be captured horizontally or vertically* (* e.g. the texture of a pillar)
  • Precise alignment thanks to integrated circular level
  • Bracket for all common camera types 



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