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Bring your Pet to Sun Day | Sydney

SOLD OUT SOLD OUT Bring your Pet to Sun Day | Sydney

Join us for an entertaining afternoon as photographer Peter Sharp takes portraits of your furry friends.

*This event is now sold out.

Fur isn't necessarily a prerequisite, however, so whether your best friend is a dog, cat, snake or bird, they will all be given the rock star treatment in this fun and unique photoshoot experience. 

‘Pet Rock’ is Peter Sharp’s project that aims to capture the energy, drama, colour and vibrancy evident in live music performance and apply this to animals in a unique way. It is a tribute to the awesome pets that are owned and loved by so many.  

Guests will have the opportunity to purchase their prints on the day via our Fine Art Print service.

All proceeds from ticket sales go to RSPCA.

Refreshments included. 

Please note: Owners must be responsible for their pets. The shoot is taking place in an open space so owners must be aware that they need to keep their pets under constant supervision.  

About Peter Sharp

"Peter has had a love of animals for as long as he can remember and growing up he wanted to be a vet. However, his love and passion of music took his life on another path. Looking for a challenge different to that of shooting live performance, Peter is now focused on the world of pet and wildlife photography. He feels very strongly about animal conservation and his dream job is one that sees him travelling the world, working with rare and endangered animals"

Image © Peter Sharp