Indistinct/Distinct by Andrew Gash


In his exhibition and accompanying book Indistinct/Distinct photographer Andrew Gash proposes landscape imagery can become more contemplative, meditative and imaginative through the influence of Zen inquiry. 


This practice is a method of opening creativity inward to a more intuitive, experiential and non-linear process, enabling fresh, unconditioned ways of seeing, perceiving and being (in nature).

In this action of no-action (wu-wei), the mind is silenced, and the work is allowed to express itself.


“A state of no-thingness or selflessness is called Mu (literally meaning ‘no’) in which I become an empty vessel, filled by what the eyes see. Then I can let what is photographed flow through this Mu, without any ‘thinking’ on my part. 


“The dance of Me and Mu – the dance of the cosmos.”

Read more in our interview on Sunroom. 

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