2nd December Street Exhibition | Brett Stevens

2nd December Street Exhibition | Brett Stevens

‘2nd December Street’ is an exhibition of works by photographer Brett Stevens.

Considered one of Dubai’s oldest and most vital streets, it was originally called Al Diyafah Street, and was renamed in 2011 in honour of the country’s 40th National Day – the holiday that marks unification – although locals, long-time expats and most taxi drivers still know it by its former name. 

Stevens’ intention was to convey a sense of calm in an otherwise frenetic environment. To ensure complete human emptiness, this body of work was photographed exclusively during the Call to Prayer across multiple visits along its 2500 metre length.

The work is an observation devoid of the modern day glass and steel structures that embody the neighbourhood. 

Please join us for the opening night of the exhibition on Thursday 15th June from 6pm.

2nd December Street is on show until Friday 30th June 2017.

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About Brett Stevens

Brett Stevens is an award winning food, travel and still-life Photographer based in Sydney, Australia. His career spans the globe; regularly taking on assignments for esteemed international magazines, advertisers and publishing houses.


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