Canon Light Awards LIVE

Canon Light Awards LIVE

Join us at SUNSTUDIOS for the Canon Light Awards LIVE – a real-time creative photography masterclass – from the 5th-6th of August.

There’s four exciting workshops to pick from, followed by a 24-hour photo challenge. This is a unique chance to learn from some of Australia’s most inspiring photographers from The Pool Collective as well as renowned landscape photographer, Tony Hewitt. Tickets are limited, so be quick and book your spot now.


Juliet Taylor and Christopher Ireland explain why putting yourself in unfamiliar or confronting scenario can help deliver your finest work and develop your style.

Still Life

In this masterclass, Danny will focus on how to define yourself photographically. Explaining how in a world awash with imagery the “why” is often the most defining feature.

Commercial photography

With his extensive experience in the photographic industry, Sean Izzard will share his most valuable lessons and insights about how to navigate your career as a commercial photographer.

Art of Vision

Join Tony Hewitt as he explains the thought processes and techniques that help him look beyond the obvious to find and capture thought-provoking images.

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Photo © Danny Eastwood

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