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Off Spectrum | Jon Bader

Off Spectrum | Jon Bader

Photographer Jon Bader brings his exhibition Off Spectrum to SUNSTUDIOS, a series of images exploring 'forces unseen'.

‘Not only does photography reproduce with absolute perfection details which the most scrupulous eye-work could not trace without error, but it actually sees what is invisible: the sensitive plate receives impressions which altogether escape the human eye’

Hermann Wilhelm Vogel - from The Chemistry of Light and Photography (1875)

This series of images pays homage to the photography and photographers of the mid 19th century, whose new medium, born out of chemistry and physics, peered for the first time into an invisible world hitherto populated by the spirits and indescribable forces of 18th century metaphysical thought. These images produced by the ‘dispassionate observation’ of the camera were not only astounding to a world in the throws of an industrial and scientific revolution, they challenged spiritual and religious ideas as they stripped away the shrouds surrounding the workings of the earth, the night sky and the human body. They were also beautiful to look at and it was these images that first ignited the discussion as to whether photography was an art or a science.

It’s with these thoughts in mind that I ventured into the studio armed with magnets, sound generators and a 10,000 volt transformer. My hope was to step briefly into the shoes of these pioneers and maybe make some interesting images along the way. What I discovered was the absolute joy of capturing these invisible forces - The exhilaration of never knowing what would appear in front of me or when I processed the film drove me on and eventually culminated in this collection of works.

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