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The Necessity of Excess | Urs Buhlman | Sydney

The Necessity of Excess | Urs Buhlman | Sydney

SUNSTUDIOS presents The Necessity of Excess, Urs Buhlman's series documenting Defqon.1, the infamous hard house trance festival held in Penrith. Please join us for the opening at SUNSTUDIOS Sydney on 22 July 2016.

The desire to shoot something out of his photographic comfort zone and routine lead Urs Buhlman to embark on a two-year personal project documenting Defqon.1.

In his first Defqon.1 series, Buhlman’s photographic intent was focused on communicating the experience of a huge trance dance festival over technical motivations “I wanted to make the ravers look hyper-real and statuesque while documenting the hard-core exhibitionism and overt fantasy with all the highs and threatening traps that are all part of this party style. The energy was contagious, artificially enhanced and “duff duff” driven”.

Completing his second Defqon 1 series in totally different weather and lighting conditions from gave Buhlman the experience and confidence to be more raw and adventurous in his photographic intent and approach the second time around.

The Necessity of Excess is a combination of Buhlman’s photographic character – documentary and photo journalistic with a dramatic advertising grade and a graphic symbolic intent.

Buhlman hopes to give viewers a taste of what a Defqon.1 festival comprises, and gain an insight and understanding towards this unique subculture – a channel of escapism amongst a growing trend of extreme entertainment.

The exhibition opens Friday 22 July from 6:30pm - 8:30pm.

The exhibition runs until 31 July 2016.

SUNSTUDIOS Sydney Gallery Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm

Saturday & Sunday 8am - 4pm

Urs Buhlman Talks Defqon.1 & The Necessity of Excess from SUNSTUDIOS on Vimeo.


Images (c) Urs Buhlman

About Urs Buhlman

Growing up in Zurich, Switzerland Urs was surrounded by art, design and photography, as his father was a Graphic Designer.

In the early 70’s he immigrated to Sydney, Australia with his family – a major sea change living right on the city harbour and consumed by fishing, the ocean and all its “goings on”. On finishing High School Urs attended the Australian Maritime College and became a professional fisherman for several years.

Disillusioned with pro fishing he returned to Sydney where he assisted several photographers over a number of years before eventually opening his own studio. The next two decades were all about commissioned photography working in a diverse range of countries with all types of creative briefs – mainly automotive.

His mindset changed once again. Leaving commissioned briefs allowed him the time to shoot his own images, which became the catalyst to launch his stock library specialising in back plate imagery and 360º HDR Domes aimed at the advertising, automotive and transportation market … was born.

The time it took to build the Bear Stock asset base rejuvenated Urs’ passion once again to re-engage in commissioned briefs. This allowed the balance between shooting specific stock imagery, commissioned work, his personal projects and solo exhibitions.

For Urs, photography is not a job, it’s a life style, which allows the creation of powerful images that communicate an idea, a sentiment and a vision whilst also offering the time to wet a line in the hope of hooking a big one!

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