Broncolor HMI 1600 Par Kit

Hire From $210.00 per day
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Broncolor HMI 1600 Par Kit

Hire From $210.00 per day
  • 1x Lamp HMI F1600 incl. Bulb
  • 1x Electronic ballast unit HMI 800.1600
  • 1x PAR reflector
  • 1x 4-leaf barn door
  • 1x Set of PAR lenses (4 pieces)
  • 1x Scrim ring
  • 1x Bag for 5 filters or lenses
  • 1x Lamp cable, 7.5 m (25 ft)
  • 1x Trolley transport bag
Two day rate $420.00
Week rate $840.00
Weekend rate $378.00
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A lot of power from each mains socket.

The versatile HMI F1600 daylight lamp is the best choice for high power/output, formability and colour requirements, for photography or video. The unique bayonet system allows the use of numerous reflectors with which you can master every task professionally. With the choice of Open Face reflector or PAR reflector, a Softbox or a Para, light can be formed to meet any requirement from a soft area light to a hard point source.

The HMI 1600 PAR Kit consists of the HMI F1600 lamphead with a focusable daylight bulb and the HMI 800.1600 ballast unit. The ballast unit is 100-50% dimmable and flicker-free. The PAR reflector includes 4 PAR lenses for optimum control of yield and light forming.

PAR reflector
High light output, narrow light angle, for direct or bounce lighting off ceilings, walls, sails, etc. or, in conjunction with a PAR or Fresnel lens, for different light characteristics and forms.

The dimmable ballast unit (100%-50%) for HMI F800, FT800 and HMI F1600, FT1600 lamps is equipped with an automatic voltage detection circuit rated for 90 V to 265 V 50/60 Hz; it can therefore be operated from a domestic power socket outlet anywhere in the world. The unit offers three different operating modes: “Low Noise” for recording situations with original sound, “Standard” for normal requirements when filming at up to 1000 frames per second, and “High Speed” for filming at up to 2000 frames per second. Even at very high ambient temperatures, the patented temperature control system ensures safe and reliable operation.

Flicker-free filming, even in slow motion
In high-speed exposures every instant, no matter how short, is recorded as a single image. If the continuous lighting employed does not radiate absolutely uniformly, there will inevitably be darker images in the individual sequences. When playing slow-motion films, each of these brief moments is shown for longer – incorrect exposures become visible and are perceived as flickering. With broncolor ballast units, the time for current reversal is so short that, even for high-speed exposures, the light is perceived as absolutely uniform and so flicker-free.

Point light sources with flexible characteristics
HMI daylight lamps enable a wide variety of different light characteristics. Formability of the light cone is only possible with a point light source. This is a decisive advantage in comparison with LED panels with which only area illumination is possible. At the same time these lamps provide very intense lighting and have outstanding efficiency.

Optimum colour rendering for best results
A statement of the colour temperature in Kelvin is a very superficial measure of the colour rendering properties of light. To obtain more accurate information about light quality, we must look at the CRI (Colour Rendering Index). Hot light sources such as the sun (CRI 100), HMI and flash (CRI 95+) have very high CRI values, and thus a continuous light spectrum. Cold light sources such as fluorescent tubes, and also to some extent LEDs, come nowhere near these good CRI values. The reason lies in the line spectrum of the light source. With HMI daylight lamps, users achieve optimum colour rendering oriented towards the natural visible light spectrum.

Crossover System for versatile combinations
The unique modular system of HMI daylight lamps offers an endless range of different light characteristics. It contains an enormous selection of reflectors, filters, PAR lenses, Softboxes and Para umbrellas. In addition, with appropriate adapters many light modifiers from the broncolor flash range can also be used. From very soft to extremely hard light, everything is possible. When the colour of light from a lamp corresponds to natural daylight, then it is highly suitable for mixing with daylight and flash. That’s how optimum lighting goes.