Broncolor Litestick Max. 3200 J

Hire From $90.00 per day
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Broncolor Litestick Max. 3200 J

Hire From $90.00 per day
  • Max. 3200 J
  • f-stop at 2 m (6 1/2 ft) Distance
  • 100 ISO: f: 45 7/10 (With Reflector)
  • f: 32 7/10 (Without Reflector)
  • With Flash Tube
  • Removable Reflector
  • Stand Adapter
  • Cable 3.5 m (11 1/2 ft)
  • UV Coated
  • Fan Cooled
Two day rate $180.00
Week rate $360.01
Weekend rate $162.00
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With a double heat protection shield, this straight flash tube enables light design even in places where no other lamps can reach.

The Litestick is a flash lamp without modelling light, which can be connected to broncolor power packs up to 3200 J. It is a rod-shaped special effect lamp with a 30 cm long flash tube and a fastening hook. The removable reflector, which is mounted parallel to the linear light source, increases the light yield by one f-stop and restricts the lighting angle. The flash tube of the Litestick is UV-coated for 5500 K and surrounded by an inner glass tube and an external tube of polycarbonate (hightech plastic). The lamp has fan cooling and temperature monitoring. Thanks to this multiple temperature protection, the lamp can be held in the hand during flash work. The length of the lamp cable is 3.5 m.

The Litestick is ideal where hard light and defined gradations are required. The possible applications of this flash lamp are multifold: it can be hidden in objects, in vehicles, as special effect lamps for edges and slots, just to name a few. Several lightsticks can be arranged in a square or triangle as a large ringflash, which is particularly suitable for fashion, beauty and portrait photography.