Aputure Accent B7C RGBWW E26/27 LED Bulb 8 Kit

Hire From $99.99 per day

Aputure Accent B7C RGBWW E26/27 LED Bulb 8 Kit

Hire From $99.99 per day
  • Colour temperature range of 2,000K-10,000K
  • TLCI values of 95+
  • Produce over 90% of the saturated colors in the Rec.2020 color space
  • Sidus Link’s SourceMatch 
  • Built-in Battery
  • AC/DC Mode
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The first product in Aputure’s Accent family of “practical” LED lights built for filmmakers, the Accent B7c is a battery-operated 7W RGBWW color-mixing LED light bulb, with a unique combination of features no other light has.


The B7c features a standard E26/27 lamp socket screw connector making it compatible with a wide variety of lamps globally. It achieves more naturally programmable, color-mixing, practical lighting in a wide variety of scenes thanks to its light bulb form factor.



With the capability to produce a wide colour temperature range of 2,000K-10,000K, the Accent B7c matches the color temperature range of the Nova P300c, Aputure’s most advanced color mixing light. When used in combination with Sidus Link’s SourceMatch feature, it can match nearly any white light source.



The Accent B7c uses cinema-grade LEDs to reproduce immaculate skin tones through impeccable CRI and TLCI values of 95+, and a tungsten SSI score of 85, outpacing industry-standard lights and ordinary household LED bulbs.



Utilizing Aputure’s unique RGBWW LED configuration, the B7c bulb is able to produce over 90% of the saturated colors in the Rec.2020 color space, putting it on par with industry-standard lighting instruments.



Unlike consumer LED smart bulbs, the B7c features 20KHz stepless dimming that remains completely flicker-free up to at least 1,000fps with no color shift, making it an ideal lighting option for professional filmmakers.



The built-in battery can power the B7c for over 70 minutes at full power, and over 20 hours near minimum brightness. It is the first bulb designed for filmmakers featuring a built-in battery.



With the unique internal battery, the B7c is able to have multiple power supply modes: AC & Battery (DC). In AC power mode the B7c preserves its last settings and turns on and off like a traditional light bulb, allowing for natural interactions with actors.



The B7c uses an aluminum metal structure and a unique toroidal diffusion design to spread lights evenly while at the same time retaining complete stealth on-camera.



The Accent B7c is the only LED smart bulb to feature on-board buttons for both brightness and CCT control, allowing users to adjust intensity and CCT presets in a few simple clicks, without even connecting it to the Sidus Link app.



The B7c can be controlled wirelessly via a smartphone or iPad using the Sidus Link app, allowing filmmakers to fine-tune CCT, brightness, color, and FX. The SourceMatch and ColorPicker modes give professionals the ability to match nearly any colour.



Through Sidus Link, the Accent B7c has access to multiple features including built-in lighting FX and SidusProTM FX such as PickerFX, Manual FX, and Magic Program, producing an network that allows creatives to design countless unique programmable FX.



The Accent B7c is available in an 8-Light Charging Kit, made for indie-filmmakers, owner-operators, and rental houses, featuring a durable hard shell case with the capacity to store, protect, and simultaneously charge up to eight B7c bulbs.