ARRI Mini Follow Focus MFF-2 Cine Set

Hire From $45.00 per day

ARRI Mini Follow Focus MFF-2 Cine Set

Hire From $45.00 per day
  • Single 15mm Rod-Mounted Follow Focus
  • 2:1 Gear Ratio Suits Cine-Style Lenses
  • Works with Larger Primes & 35mm Zooms
  • Enables Accurate Focus Markings
  • Single Unit for Left/Operator Side
  • 0.8 Pitch Drive Gear
  • Compatible with ARRI F.F. Accessories
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The ARRI Mini Follow Focus MFF-2 Cine Set, a single-sided follow focus system, is designed for easy operation with its ability to snaps onto a pair of lightweight 15mm rods (rods not included).

The Cine Base is designed for quick but smooth focus pulls on cine-style lenses, with their large range of focus barrel rotation, by utilizing a 2:1 knob-to-gear ratio. The 0.8 mod/43-tooth focus gear works with the majority of larger prime lenses and 35mm format zoom lenses with standard 32-pitch gear rings. This set's included standard left-sided knob is interchangeable with ARRI 2-speed and hard-stop knobs (available separately).

Maintain the standard direction of the focusing knob when using Nikon and Leica lenses with the MFF-2 base's reversing feature.

The modular design of the MFF-2 makes it compatible with ARRI follow focus accessories such as additional lens gears, whips, speed cranks, and knob accessories (available separately). The MFF-2 Cine Set includes one flat marking disk, ARRI Mini Follow Focus MFF-2 Cine Base, ARRI Standard Focus Knob (Left Side) and ARRI Follow Focus Gear (0.8 Mod, 43 Teeth).

The sturdy, single-sided Mini Follow Focus MFF-2 Cine Base from ARRI snaps onto any 15mm rod lightweight support (not included). The modular design of the MFF-2 gives you the ability to build the follow focus for specific requirements. Choose between three compatible ARRI focus knobs—standard, two-speed, or hard-stop (all left-sided). Gears come in various sizes and pitches to work with different lens barrel sizes and gear ring pitches. Focus knobs and lens gears are not included with the MFF-2 Cine Base.

The left-sided ARRI Standard Focus Knob fits ARRI FF-5 and MFF-2 Cine/HD, and FF-4 follow focus units. This standard, single-speed knob is designed to work with cine-style lenses having hard infinity and close focus limits.

This ARRI Follow Focus Gear can be used with all ARRI follow focus systems. The 43-tooth, 0.8 mod gear is designed for use with larger prime lenses and 35mm format zoom lenses that have 32 pitch gear rings. Its gear face width measures a relatively slim 6mm.