Broncolor Siros 400 L Wifi / RFS 2.1

Hire From $70.00 per day
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Broncolor Siros 400 L Wifi / RFS 2.1

Hire From $70.00 per day
  • Siros 400 L monolight
  • Latest lithium-ion battery technology
  • Enormous control range for flash energy – up to 9 f-stops
  • Remote control using “bronControl” app or RFS 2.1 / 2.2
  • Speed mode for fast flash times
  • Additional function for flash sequences
  • USB connection for software updates
  • Easy-to-use rotary controller and simple operation
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With the latest lithium-ion technology, a single battery, in spite of its very compact size and low weight, can charge a Siros 400 L up to full power 440 times!

Reduce the output, for example by just 2 f-stops, and you can have over 1700 flashes! The results will convince you. The battery can be used over a very wide range of temperatures – from −10°C to +60°C. This gives you a free range of locations – at the North Pole or in the desert, Siros L is your reliable companion. When discharged, this high quality battery takes only 70 minutes to fully charge again. In Siros L too, the ECTC technology you know from our high-end Scoro and Move power packs controls the flash curve, enables flash durations from 1/19’000 s (t 0.5). In addition, it guarantees constant colour temperature over the entire control range.

Operation: as simple as possible for maximum convenience
All the basic functions of Siros L can be operated using the free “bronControl” app. As soon as Siros L is logged in to the WiFi network, you can control several devices using a smartphone or tablet with each clearly identified by differentcoloured LEDs. In this way equipment that is difficult to access or far away can be conveniently and easily set and controlled. Independently of the existing WiFi environment, Siros L can set up its own network.

One more advantage: the app controls the functions of up to 6 units with absolute clarity and full individual control. But even without the app, Siros L is still simple and intuitive to operate. With the single rotary controller, the “Twist Function” lets you set the output very quickly over several f-stops or very precisely in 1/10 f-stop steps. By pressing on the same knob you have access to the menu and to all the additional functions.

broncolor HS - flash with very short exposure times
All Siros L units are “HS” compatible. “HS” lets you use flash in combination with very short exposure time settings on your camera. For example, with ambient light, even with the aperture wide open (selective focus), the image can be underexposed correctly with up to 1/8000 s and Siros L still lets you set dominant and creative light effects.

All you need for this is the RFS 2.2 trigger, which is available for Nikon, Canon and Sony cameras. In addition, “HS” must be activated on all Siros L units. This modifies the flash curve and guarantees, in combination with RFS 2.2, correct exposure with no limits on your choice of shutter speed.

Perfect light without restrictions
The control range extends over 9 full f-stops. At high output it can even “outflash” bright daylight. And low settings enable photography even with wide-open apertures. You can be certain that Siros L will never restrict your choice of aperture – it is every photographer’s ideal companion. Many light shapers, such as softboxes, open reflectors and above all Paras are parabola-shaped and only guarantee optimum light yield and quality when the light source is as close as possible to the internal focal point of the reflector.

Consequently, for Siros L we decided in favour of an external flash tube, resulting in perfect light without compromises. broncolor has the most comprehensive lightshaper accessory system and, with its compatible design, Siros L is completely integrated into it. In addition, two new reflectors have been developed especially for Siros: An umbrella reflector, which is equipped with a cover that also serves as transport protection, and a size-optimised standard reflector, the L40, which has a snap-in system for honeycomb grids or barn doors with filter holder.

Kit for travelling
The light quality from Siros monolights is in all respects equivalent to light provided by a conventional power pack. Colour stability, extremely short flash durations, and very wide control ranges are characteristics of all broncolor units. This means that power packs and Siros monolights can be combined for optimum lighting – the photographer can exploit the advantages of both systems. And of course the enormous range of light shapers is fully compatible. To make an entry into the world of broncolor Siros L easier, we have, besides the stand-alone units, put together one kit, which contains everything needed for a particular assignment.