Canon Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3

Hire From $20.00 per day
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Canon Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3

Hire From $20.00 per day
  • Remote Shutter Release with Timer
  • Perfect for Long Exposures
  • Easy to Use Interval / Self-Timer
  • LCD Display with Backlight
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The TC-80N3 Timer/Remote Controller is a programmable electronic shutter release. When you connect it to your EOS SLR or DSLR it will allow you to control: 

1. When the shutter opens (self-timer mode) 
2. How frequently the shutter opens (interval timer mode) 
3. How long the shutter stays open (long-exposure timer mode) 
4. How many exposures the camera will make in total (exposure count mode) 

You can also combine modes: For example, you can program the controller to wait five minutes, release the shutter, then take a total of 25 exposures at five minute intervals.

The TC-80N3 also includes a remote switch that provides the same functions as your camera’s shutter button (auto-focus, autoexposure, and shutter release). When used simply as a remote release (no timer functions), the TC-80N3 does not require battery power.