Wowza ClearCaster Pro

Hire From $400.00 per day

Wowza ClearCaster Pro

Hire From $400.00 per day
  • Live encoding appliance
  • Cloud-based manager
  • Broadcast-quality streaming
  • Custom configuration templates
  • Adaptive network encoding
  • Real-time health monitoring
  • The Wowza Integration
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The Wowza ClearCaster Pro is a live encoding appliance and cloud-based manager for production teams and media groups seeking reliable, broadcast-quality streaming to any destination with unmatched control, monitoring, and automation.

Cloud-Based Workflow Management
Prevent configuration issues and streamline encoder setup and broadcast management by leveraging the power of the cloud to enable real-time encoder command and control. 
Build custom configuration templates, create streamlined broadcast workflows and tailor the web-based UI controls to meet the unique needs of your broadcast team.

API Integrations
Create fully automated workflows using ClearCaster Pro's centralized management API. 
Broadcasters can integrate workflow automation for their entire encoding stack while service providers can gain control over on-premise contribution encoders to increase reliability and better support their end users.

Adaptive Network Encoding
Enable the power of adaptive network encoding over RTMP to automatically recover from bandwidth issues. 
Constantly monitor low-level network metrics and performance, while automatically decreasing video streaming bitrate in adverse network conditions, ensuring broadcasts maintain smooth, buffer-free playback for end users.

Real-Time Health Monitoring
Take the guesswork out of encoder delivery and issue-identification with 100-plus stream-health metrics collected in real time. 
Use the live and archived broadcast health metrics to quickly identify issues and maintain an audit trail over all broadcasts.

The Wowza Integration
Integrate ClearCaster Pro into your Wowza Streaming Cloud or Wowza Streaming Engine workflows for the highest-quality publishing from encoding to distribution.
Leverage end-to-end support from Wowza, including stream-health metrics and logging across your entire workflow.
Use trusted encoder presets fully integrated with Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza Streaming Cloud. Deliver over the first mile with our reliable, proprietary WOWZ™ protocol.