Dracast Silkray 600 Daylight LED Round Light

Hire From $88.00 per day

Dracast Silkray 600 Daylight LED Round Light

Hire From $88.00 per day
  • 256 LEDs with CRI of >96+
  • 14.2″ Diameter
  • Slim Profile
  • Color Temperature: 5600K
  • 0-100% Dimming Control
  • Soft Light Quality
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The Silkray 600 Daylight LED Round Light from Dracast is a 14.2″ diameter aluminum-framed fixture that weighs 2.15kgs and features 5600K daylight-balanced color temperature to match other fixtures or ambient light conditions. Brightness is adjustable from 0-100% with the dimming level displayed on the panel’s digital readout. The Silkray’s 256 LEDs have a high CRI of 96+ for color accuracy, drawing only 60W.

Running barely warm to the touch, you can bring the light very close to the talent without discomfort and danger, and, at only a little over 1/2″ thick, it can be placed in tight situations where legacy fixtures just can’t go. The Silkray 600 comes with a 100-240 VAC power adapter for worldwide use.