Foba Alu tubular tripod, three leg

Hire From $60.00 per day

Foba Alu tubular tripod, three leg

Hire From $60.00 per day
  • Aluminium telescopic tubular tripod
  • Built-in spirit level
  • Three straddle positions
  • Max. standard height 152cm
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The Foba Alu is a telescopic tubular tripod with three parts, which can be extended almost at will by adding COMBITUBE components.

It has a built-in bubble level, and three straddle positions, allowing a minimum height of 16 cm. The upper part of the ALFAE tripod can be loosened up with the lateral lever, and thus the plate can be removed. The crank-operated rod ALFEA can be inserted in the opening and fixed with the lateral lever.The spread block with the 3 steps is shown on the right leg.The tripod ALFAE is specially convenient for following applications:

• Shots with long aperture time: less blurring and camera shakes occur due to the heavier weight of the tripod
• Panorama takes: because it is warp resistant
• Architectural takes: thanks to COMBITUBE, the legs can be elongated and diagonally braced, making it stable even in high heights, thus surpassing obstacles in the way and allowing pictures of buildings and civil engineering works to be taken.

With the COMBITUBE system, no obstacle is any longer insurmountable. If needed, the tripod legs can be mutually strutted with further COMBITUBE components for greater stability.