Foba DSS GAMMA studio stand, standard, shock absorber incl.

Hire From $100.00 per day

Foba DSS GAMMA studio stand, standard, shock absorber incl.

Hire From $100.00 per day
  • Standing height of 2 metres
  • Overall beam length 90 cm
  • 2x camera mountings 3/8"
  • Standard lifting capacity 5kg
  • Rotating crosspiece
  • Rotating gauge in degrees
  • 24 ball bearings for smooth, easy movement
  • Double pedal and shock absorber 
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Best convenience for medium-size cameras thanks to the sturdy cast-iron base and accurate manufacturing: despite low weight – greatest stability.

_DSS GAMMA stands are comparatively easy to dismount and reassemble, making them the ideal companions for out-of-studio applications.

_Rotating crosspiece with built-in rotation gauge in degrees. 24 ball bearings ensure smooth and easy vertical and horizontal movements. Easy and comfortable usage guaranteed.

_The shaft is made of warp-resistant, hexagonal steel pipe. Both beam ends can be fitted with a camera or other equipment. The base is equipped with a double pedal with which the entire stand can be lifted onto its wheels and rolled around, or lowered and stabilized on the ground. The built-in shock absorber enables smoother lifting and lowering of the stand, thus preserving cameras and sensors.

_The horizontal beam is equipped with a platform for camera or other gear at each end, using the standard thread 3/8″ (1/4″ also available on request). It is possible to replace the standard beam with platforms by a beam equipped with spigots at each end (extra charge option). This optional beam corresponds to the ASABA beam and allows all ASABA accessories (rotating platforms and arms) to be installed on the AROBI (DSS GAMMA). Two fittings for all-purpose trays ARTEO and ARTEU are integrated into the crosspiece. There are built-in rulers on the shaft and beam, aswell as a built-in rotation gauge in degrees on the crosspiece. Each movement can be executed individually:

• Knob in the middle: for rotating movements
• Lower Knob: for vertical movements
• Wing screw on the right: for horizontal movements
The heavier cast-iron base of ASABA, providing more stability or the cast-iron base ARBOF, providing more mobility with its great wheels, are available on request (extra charge).