Rosco Mini-V Hazer

Hire From $80.00 per day

Rosco Mini-V Hazer

Hire From $80.00 per day
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The Mini-V is the most budget-friendly and compact fog machine available.

Despite its small size, it delivers a strong and continuous stream of high-quality fog suitable for professional use. Thanks to its energy-efficient and durable heat exchanger, it's particularly well-suited for users on the go or situations where space is limited, as it doesn't require a large fog generator.

Operating the Mini-V is a breeze due to its straightforward functions, ensuring a hassle-free experience and dependable performance. With a simple on/off rocker switch, the unit quickly heats up and produces a reliable fog stream. No specialized training is necessary for assistants, students, technicians, or engineers to operate it; they can simply press and hold to release fog.

Designed with mobility in mind, this lightweight fog machine can be easily transported to any location requiring professional-grade fog effects, making it ideal for photographers, mobile DJs, and event planners. Moreover, it seamlessly fits into standard duct work, making it a great choice for industrial purposes like HVAC testing.

Notably, the Mini-V is compatible with Rosco's entire range of Academy Award® Winning fog fluids, which are trusted and endorsed by professionals in various industries.