Broncolor Para 88 HR Kit without Adapter

Hire From $100.00 per day
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Broncolor Para 88 HR Kit without Adapter

Hire From $100.00 per day
  • Lightweight and super compact
  • Opens instantly
  • Silver inside coating
  • Soft bounce light
  • Specular highlights
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Smart, small and simple... Para 88 has great success. With less than 6 kg the Para 88 is a lightweight with a super compact design.

The Para 88 Reflector is a 34" parabolic reflector built like an umbrella with 24 braces and specular silver coating on the inside. The precise front-focusing device is optimized for operation with Pulso G, Unilite, Litos, MobiLED, Pulso Twin and Pulso 8 and PulsoF2/F4 flash heads. It may also be used with the Broncolor F200/F400/F575 daylight lamp heads as well as Kobold DW200 and DW400 HMI heads. The Primo flash head may also be used with restrictions.

The design of the Para 88 Fyields very high light efficiency, wrapping the subject in brilliant light which emphasizes detail. Due to the calculated parabolic form of the reflector, light fall-off only occurs at the Para's extreme edge. The base Para 88 ystem consists of the Para 88 reflector with a bracket to mount Pulso lamp heads facing forward. Optional focusing systems are available to allow mounting of the head in a rear-facing position for a softer effect. The Para 88 wraps a subject in soft bounce light with specular highlights. The Variable focus allows adjustment of softening and dispersion of light from Broncolor flash or HMI head.

Reflector with focusing system
Its variable light means that the Para 88 can provide optimum service in practically all branches of photography. Defocused it will illuminate even large sets very uniformly from a relatively short distance. The inwardly directed light reduces the light scattered sideways decisively. The result is that, even in this setting, you can work with high contrast. By focusing the light source, which is positioned precisely in the centre of the parabola, the beam angle can be drastically restricted. In this form the light from a Para 88 can best be compared with an oversize fresnel spot. Strongly directional, rich in contrast, but, due to the 88 cm diameter, not too hard. Perfectly controlled brightness gradients and dramatic light control can be simply and quickly attained.

Opens in an instant
The new opening mechanism for the Para 88 provides the greatest ease-of-use combined with quick opening. Patents are pending for this product.

Independent reflector
A unique feature of the Para 88 is that it can be used as an individual reflector. It can be easily assembled over a broncolor bayonet fitting. The flash tube is then precisely at the focus of the parabolic reflector. Because the lamp is now directed forwards, the direct light so produced gives shadows extra sharpness, and the fraction of scatter can easily be increased to reduce contrast.

Additionally, the light characteristic of the Para 88 can be changed by using one of the three broncolor diffusers or the textile light grid.

broncolor Para 88 – makes every shooting a success
Unbelievable light variability, low weight, compact, fully compatible with flash and continuous light sources – unlimited possibilities at the highest level.