Chimera Super PRO Plus Softbox - Large 180 x 135cm

Hire From $75.00 per day

Chimera Super PRO Plus Softbox - Large 180 x 135cm

Hire From $75.00 per day
  • Durable Chimera construction
  • Five-Year Warranty against defects
  • Removable inner baffle and front screen (-1.4 stops each)
  • Integrated rear flaps fold over speed ring
  • Available accessory fabric grids, metal honeycombs, and fabric barn doors.
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Chimera Super Pro X represents the latest generation of the industry strobe lightbank.

With over 35 years of experience producing the highest quality lighting accessories, Super Pro X features incredibly durable construction and a wide range of flexibility for light shaping.

Chimera’s silver interior is designed for increased efficiency. Compared to the same lightbank with a white interior, the silver option produces 10-20% increased output, dependent on the strobe head and lighttbank size. 

Maximum Wattage is 650W Halogen Tungsten Modelling Light (with rear flaps open).