Lupo SuperPanel Dual Colour 30 LED Panel

Hire From $80.00 per day

Lupo SuperPanel Dual Colour 30 LED Panel

Hire From $80.00 per day
Special Price $561.95 Save $1,311.22 $1,873.17
  • 400 high-quality LEDs
  • 22,000 Lux at 1 m
  • Variable colour temperature (from 5600 K to 3200 K)
  • Powerful, uniform and enveloping light
  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • Powered by the mains or v-mount batteries
  • 4-pole standard XLR connector
  • Silent operation
  • Perfect colour performance (CRI > 95)
  • Do not produce casts
  • Charger and D-tap cable
  • Built-in DMX interface
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The most versatile and powerful LED panel 22,000 Lux at 1 m.

The Superpanels are the latest generation LED panels designed for photography and video shooting. The Superpanels use 400 high-quality LEDs, with high luminous efficiency, to ensure an accu-rate colour temperature and a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) and TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index). They emit an exceptionally powerful, uniform and enveloping light. Extremely lightweight, compact and handy, the Superpanels are ideal for use inside and outside the studio and they can be powered by the mains or on v-mount batteries. With 22,000 Lux at 1 m you will have all the light power you need for your footage. All Lupo Superpanels can be used with the diffuser or the dedicated softbox for an even softer light emission.

LED panels for professionals. Unlimited versatility
The Lupo Superpanels are the most advanced solution for photographic and video shooting because they offer all the features of traditional LED panels with an exceptionally powerful, variable and balanced light, adaptable to different shooting needs. The high light output also allows to illuminate objects at considerable distance with a wide beam. Perfect for outdoor sets and night shoots. The Superpanels are ideal for wedding and ceremony footage (they are very light and can be battery operated), for portraiture, fashion, still life and video shooting.

Transportable everywhere. Simplicity, versatility and power
Very lightweight and compact (just 2.3 kg), easily transportable with their padded bags, they can be used in every shooting situation thanks to their operation with batteries or on the mains (universal 90 V — 240 V AC; 14,8 V — 24 V DC). The dedicated long life battery allows for a full power operation of about 1.7 hours. The weight of the battery is only 800 g and can be carried (along with chargers and accessories) in the same practical bag used for the Superpanel. The battery power connection is via a 4-pole standard XLR connector at the back of the panel. The Superpanel DMX Dual Color is the LED panel that will make your professional shooting much easier. The technopolymer body, reinforced with carbon fibre, makes it robust and suitable for an intensive use.

Silent. Perfect for video shooting
All models in the Superpanel range are designed to make life easier for professionals in the photographic and video industry, and silent operation is one of the key features of all of our lighting products. Test the Superpanel DMX Dual Color. You will be more than satisfied with it.

Exceptional quality of light. Guarantee of professional results
Thanks to the exclusive True Colour Technology, the Superpanels have a perfect colour perfor-mance (CRI > 95) and do not produce casts. This fundamental and exclusive feature enables to avoid post-production corrections and allows a correct mix with other light sources (such as, for example, sunlight).

Dedicated battery. Perfect for on-location shooting
Lupo offers a range of battery-powered accessories for all Superpanel models and all other LED panels and LED Fresnels. You will not have to worry about anything and just have to choose the battery kit that includes: a 160 Wh battery, a v-lock plate for Superpanels, a dedicated charger and a d-tap cable. Of course, all of our models are compatible with the best lithium batteries on the market, but with Lupo accessories we guarantee a practical, economical and professional solution.

Built-in DMX interface
The Superpanel DMX Dual Color features a built-in DMX control and standard 5-pole XLR connec-tors (in and out).

Intuitive and immediate settings
Variable colour temperature (from 5600 K to 3200 K). Mains and battery operation.
The digital display on the back of the Superpanel DMX Dual Color allows you to clearly and easily visualize the light intensity you decide to set, the chosen color temperature and the DMX channels. All functions and settings are designed to make life simpler for professionals.