Vaxis Atom 500 HDMI/SDI Wireless Transmitter Set

Hire From $100.00 per day
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Vaxis Atom 500 HDMI/SDI Wireless Transmitter Set

Hire From $100.00 per day
  • Up to 500′ Line-of-Sight Range
  • OLED Screen
  • HDMI In/Out on TX unit, dual HDMI Out on the RX unit
  • Dedicated iOS app where up to three iPhone or iPads can view the image at once
  • Built-in antenna design
  • Optional Battery Mounting Plates
  • Support USB-C voltage input
  • Stable & Reliable industrial metal housing
  • Future Firmware Upgrades via USB
  • Smart fan control 
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Cellphone + iPad + Monitor multiple monitoring-end ATOM 500 offers a range of ways to monitor your image.

The ATOM 500 offers traditional connection through HDMI as well as a connection through the ATOM App to monitor via your iPad or tablet.


ATOM 500 takes power to the next level with the introduction of a USB-C type connector.In addition to upgrading firmware through its USB-C connector, the ATOM 500 can also be powered by any USB-C style power bank, giving users more flexibility with power.


Through extensive stress tests, the antennas on the ATOM 500 has been optimized to be nearly fail proof.The ATOM 500's antenna features a built-in design on (insert type of mate-.rial for the body here) .This built in antenna will greatly reduce signal loss even in complicated shooting environments.You can trust the ATOM will work anywhere.


ATOM 500 Supports H.265 Encoding to Offer Better Image Quality With Less Bandwidth.


ATOM 500 features a brand new IOS APP called ATOM APP.The ATOM APP allows wireless monitoring, image record, and other powerful tools such as assisted focus, frame guides, gray scale and much more.ATOM APP keeps your ATOM 500 future proof and up to date through future firmware support.


ATOM 500 features a brand new, beautifully designed OLED display that provides users with quick view for easy configuration.


ATOM 500 adopts a new automatic channel selection feature which gives users a hassle-free connection out the box.For more advanced controls, auto channel selection can be turned off to engage manual selection.


The ATOM 500 offers passcode protection, giving users the ultimate control over who can receive the broadcasted signal.This ability allows the ATOM 500 to protect confidential information from getting into the wrong hands.


ATOM 500 allows users to define what’s most important with distance priority and quality priority.When range is most critical, distance priority can be used to take precedence over image quality and vice-versa.


ATOM 500 features multiple 1/4-20 threading making it the most flexible wireless transmitter on the market ATOM 500 makes Gimbal/Steadicam balancing easier with the option of mounting it vertically or horizontally.


ATOM 500 features a HDMI in and dual HDMI out ports to give users two. The dual HDMI out coupled with the newly designed mobile app connection provides users with the ultimate monitoring solution on the market.