Sunbounce Big 6' x 8' Bounce Kit

Hire From $80.00 per day

Sunbounce Big 6' x 8' Bounce Kit

Hire From $80.00 per day
  • 6x8' Collapsible aluminium frame
  • Sunbounce Silver/White Reflector
  • Sunbounce 1/3 Scrim
  • Sunbounce 2/3 Scrim
  • Grip head
  • Carry case
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The Sunbounce system consists of an aluminium frame that can be disassembled and combined with different reflecting, light-reducing, or light-absorbing screens. The Frame for Big Sunbounce (6x8') from Sunbounce is the lightweight (less than 2kg), stable, collapsible anodized aluminium frame for all Big Sunbounce light modifiers.

The frame holds the screen taut, ensuring consistent light modification. Designed with a crossbar and clamp integrated into the frame so that it can be comfortably held in many different ways - by hand or by attaching it to a tripod, for instance. This hand-made frame folds to fit into an approximately 7.6 x 132cm (3 x 52") carry bag.

Included Scrims and Reflectors

All reflector screens are manufactured using the world's best reflective and translucent materials. Only the most high-quality materials are used to manufacture photo and transport bags: 

  • Sunbounce Silver/White: does not change the colour temperature but transmits the incoming light in a neutral manner. Hard light remains hard, soft light remains soft. It has good light scoop.
  • Sunbounce 1/3-stop Scrim: reduces the hardness of contrast while creating a wonderful medium-soft light/shadow contrast. The contrast reduction is between -1/5th and -2/3rd. Its colour is a neutral white without optical brightener.
  • Sunbounce 2/3-stop Scrim: reduces the contrast more than the translucent -1/3rd scrim and makes for wonderfully soft light. It works well in combination with reflectors. Its colour is a neutral white without optical brightener.

Extreme Stability

The frames can be quickly disassembled and are made of the highest-quality aluminium and are extremely stable, even in windy conditions.


The Sunbounce System allows every conceivable lighting situation to be perfectly controlled. Even strong wind on the beach won't disrupt your exposures.


Wherever you're shooting, the Sunbounce Light System can be quickly disassembled and is so light that you can take it anywhere.

Unlimited Possibilities

High up on a tripod or perfectly controlled by hand, the Sunbounce Light System always offers a professional solution. Just as in the studio, you can create one or more permanent light sources outside.

Quick Shooting

Natural light is always available on demand. No more waiting for the flash to recycle when using the system, at any shutter speed.