Aputure Barndoors for F10 Attachment

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Aputure Barndoors for F10 Attachment

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Special Price $196.00 Save $49.01 $245.00
  • 8-Leaf Barndoor Adjustability
  • Latching Attachment System
  • Leaves Cut Larger Sources
  • Compatible with the F10 Fresnel
  • Black Reflector Dish
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Get more precise control of Aputure’s LS 600d Fresnel attachment 15 to 45° beam spread range with the 10" F10 Barndoors.


You can use the barndoors to keep light away from areas you don't want illuminated by simply swinging one or more leaves into the beam path. The 8-leaf design improves on 4-leaf versions, giving you greater control and providing cleaner cuts of light.