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Canon EOS R – First impressions | The technician review

Canon EOS R – First impressions | The technician review

Even the most knowledgeable gear nerds around SUNSTUDIOS can sometimes be found sneaking a technical question to our in-house expert and Senior Technical Specialist at Canon, Phillip Reid.

Today we hosted one of the first Canon EOS R bodies in our Sydney showroom. As visitors had first contact with the new Canon mirrorless system, we asked Phil for his review as well.

General impressions:

Great handling, good grip. It feels familiar even though it is a new system. It has carry over from other Canon products.

Favourite feature:

The silent mode as it is absolutely, totally silent. And the fact that the viewfinder doesn’t black out when you take a photograph.

Favourite lens:

Actually I have two favourite lenses! The 50 1.2 and the macro 35mm. The 50mm f1.2 because the focus is extremely accurate and the f1.2 aperture combination of beautiful, soft backgrounds with super sharp, super accurate Dual pixel focus is a special combination. I like the 35mm 1.8 Macro because I love macro lenses! I like to shoot middle apertures around f11. But being 35mm you don’t need to stop down further to get the same depth of field as a 100mm macro lens.

Learn more about the Canon EOS R here.