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Shaping Light: Pedro Greig shoots Parkour with Broncolor

Photographer Pedro Greig captures the fast-paced and athletic discipline of Parkour using the broncolor Siros L and Beauty Box 65.

Greig is most commonly known as Sydney Dance Company's resident multimedia artist, shooting both stills and motion for their season campaigns and stage productions, as well as often spending time on tour and in the rehearsal studio shooting with the company.

As speed, accuracy and portability are key in creating his style of work, Greig counts the Broncolor Siros L as the workhorse in his kit. 

“You can basically set it and be confident that it’s going to give you the results you want. I can be confident that I’m going to get a sharp image and not have to worry about anything technical, and get to the more important stuff, which I feel is connecting with the talent.”

"The beauty is that with the Siros units, I can just have them with me and just roll them around. It’s not in anyone’s way. You can put it up next to a campaign image and the quality of light is the same, and it’s just me by myself with a light, camera and that’s it.” - Pedro Greig

We captured the shoot, which took place around Millers Point in Sydney – watch the video below. 

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Images © Pedro Greig