Latest Video Camera Equipment

Latest Video Camera Equipment

Latest Video Camera Equipment for Hire in Melbourne & Sydney

SUNSTUDIOS has always been at the forefront of the photographic stills industry and camera rental.

In recent years the boundaries between the stills & motion markets have become somewhat blurred, prompting a growing number of clients from the motion industry to seek equipment and support from SUNSTUDIOS. As a result Sun Motion was born; a department within SUNSTUDIOS committed to supporting you in camera hire and video camera rental.

With Sun Motion, we’ve expanded our product line and given our clients exactly what they need to achieve newer, edgier shots and adapt to changing video trends.

Capture Any Event with Our Extensive Range of Video Camera for Hire

Our Rental department offers the latest generation cameras, lighting, tripod, rigs & audio products to accommodate for your step into the motion industry. Currently equipment brands include Canon, ARRI, Dedolight, Chimera, Kinoflo, Letus, Zeiss, Miller, RODE, Sennheiser, Smart Myk, Rosco and BlackMagicDesign. Our staff have extensive contacts within the industry and can source the latest equipment easily.



Call Us Today to Avail of Our Video Camera for Hire in Sydney & Melbourne

For further enquiries about our camera rental services in Sydney or Melbourne please contact our Rental Department or call them on 02 9641 5533.  If you’d like, you can get an instant quote on our RENT page. You can also get in touch with us if you need help finding particular photography studio lighting equipment and other accessories. We have extensive and reliable contacts throughout the industry and can source specific equipment easily.