Canon EOS C70 Cinema Camera

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Canon EOS C70 Cinema Camera

In stock
  • 4K 120fps at 10 bit 4:2:2, 180fps in 2K crop mode
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF with 120p high frame rate
  • 4K Super 35mm CMOS Dual Gain Output (DGO) offering broad-ranging tonality of 16+ stops 
  • Two SD Card Slots
  • 12-pin RF mount and shorter flange distance
  • Newly developed DIGIC DV7

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Professional 4K Cinema EOS has now been captured in the revolutionary EOS C70, which is both the smallest Cinema EOS body and the first to feature an RF Mount.


Compact yet uncompromised in video performance, the EOS C70 is the light, portable answer to capturing candid handheld footage making it ideal for drones or gimbals.


You can expect the exceptional image quality and professional video features from Canon’s iconic Cinema EOS system and the compact form factor of the EOS R system to be combined in the EOS C70.


With intuitive professional interfaces, the EOS C70 redefines what you thought possible in versatility, putting everything you need at your fingertips.




This highly versatile camera is ideal for documentaries, news gathering and various sized productions, as well as capturing social media content with a vertical shooting option.


Ideal for single operators with its compact form and the same high-quality output professional expect from the Canon Cinema EOS range.


Dual Pixel CMOS AF together with a 10p high frame rate keeps the camera focused in various environments to push creative limits.


Achieve professional Canon colour with rich graduation via the 4K Super 35mm CMOS Dual Gain Output (DGO) – even in environments with varying levels of brightness.




The Dual Gain Output (DGO) sensor captures the finest detail, even in areas of significantly variable light, achieving rich contrast and graduation through a broad-ranging 16+ stops.




The EOS C70 has two SD Card slots for simultaneous recording so you can backup your footage in different formats or resolutions. XF-AVC, MP4 file formats are both supported, enabling flexible recording such as simultaneous recording of different formats and resolutions as well as relaying recording for long-time shots.




Discover exception quality in a new generation of optical technology with Canon’s RF lenses. The 12-pin RF Mount and shorter flange distance expand the quantity and speed of communication between the lens and camera, bringing an enhanced level of autofocus, image stabilisation and customisable control.





The newly developed DIGIC DV7 image processor boasts high data processing power while suppressing noise.


Dual SD Card slots support UHS-II cards and enable high bit rate recording as well as a variety of simultaneous recording options.


4K 120fps available when recording in 10 bit 4:2:2 in both XF-AVS or MP4, 180 fps is also available in 2K crop mode.


The EOS C70 is equipped with a CMOS sensor designed to manage both high dynamic range and Dual Pixel CMOS AF simultaneously.


Compact, lightweight body improves mobility.

The small form provides shooting flexibility via the basic handheld shooting style of the CINEMA EOS series combined with the compactness and mobility of the EOS R series.


The Smallest body in the CINEMA EOS range.

The short flange dramatically reduces body depth, resulting in a more compact design.


High Frame Rate Support

The 4K 120p High Frame Rate recording is possible with the Dual Pixel SMOS AF and audio recording.


Enhanced Image Stabilisation

With an RF lens and electronic IS, coordinated control achieves the optimum hand-shake correction.


Simultaneous Recording in Different Formats

Simultaneous recording options in a variety of file formats, resolutions and colour sampling can be assigned according to workflow requirements.


Professional interfaces on a compact body.

Versatile connectivity including two mini XLR terminals, microphone terminal, headphone terminal, timecode terminal and full-size HDMI supporting 4K 10-bit output.


ND unit supports RF mount

The motorised ND unit offers adjustment up to 10 stops (with extension allowing the user to shoot in variable lighting conditions.


Cinema EOS Colour Science

Custom Picture options support a variety of production requirements. In addition, users can customise presets including gamma, colour space and colour matrix.


EOS iTR AF X offers improved subject detection and tracking

EOS iTR AF X works with conventional face detection to provide faster processing with an advanced head defection algorithm and dramatically improve distance measuring and tracking reliability. Focus Touch Control allows you to precisely set the camera’s specific focus area by simply touching the LCD.


EF-EOS R 0.71x Mount Adapter (Optional Accessory)

The EF-EOD R 0.71x Mount Adapter is an EF to RF mount adapter that can be used in combination with EF lenses. It employs optical conversion to capture the same full-frame angle view when attached to the EOS C70 Super 35mm sensor camera with depth of field remaining the same.


The EF-EOS R 0.71x also enables the user to shoot one stop brighter than that of the attached EF lens’s F-number.

Lens mount RF mount (EF mount adapter)
Imaging Device Super 35mm equivalent CMOS sensor(singlechip)
Effective Pixels 4096x2160 (approx. 8.85 million pixels)
ISO Sensitivity 160-25600 (100-102400 with extension)
Base ISO 400 (WideDR), 800 (Canon Log2 / Canon Log3)
ND Filter Motorized variable ND filter (2/4/6/8*/10* stop)
White Balance AWB/sunlight/lightbulb, Set (A/B), Kelvin setting (2000-15000K)
Gamma Canon Log2 / Canon Log3 PQ / HLG BT.709 Wide DR
Dynamic Range 16+ stop
AF Dual Pixel CMOS AF
IS Electronic IS, Super 16 IS
Recording Format (Video) XF-AVC Intra, XF-AVC LongGOP MP4 (HEVC/H.264)
Recording Frame rate XF-AVC Intra 4K/29.97p/25p, XF-AVC Intra 2K/59.94p/50p, XF-AVC Long GOP 4K/59.94p/50p, XF-AVC HFR Long GOP 4K/119.88p/120p, XF-AVC HFR Long GOP 2K Crop/179.82p/180p, MP4 H.265 Long GOP 4K/59.94p/50p, MP4 H.265 Long GOP 2K/59.94p/50p, MP4 HFR H.265 Long GOP 4K/119.88p/120p, MP4 HFR H.265 Long GOP 2K/179.82p/180p, MP4 H.264 Long GOP 4K/59.94p/50p, MP4 HFR H.264 Long GOP 4K/119.88p/120p, MP4 HFR H.264 Long GOP 2K/179.82p/180p
Recording Format (Audio) Linear PCM 24bit 48kHz 4ch (XF-AVC) MPEG-2 Aac LC 16bit 48kHz 2ch (MP4)
Recording Media SD x2
LCD screen 3.5 inch LCD 2.76 million dots (1280 x 720 x RGB), touch panel
Viewfinder none
Input/ Output
Wi-Fi none(supported via commercially available adapter)
Audio Input Mini XLR 3Pin x2 φ3.5mm stereo mini jack x1
Headphone Output φ3.5mm stereo mini jack x1
Time Code BNC term inal (for in/out)
Remote Control REMOTE A (φ2.5mm stereo mini jack)
Lens I/F none (supported via commercially available adapter)
Ethernet Type-C
DC IN φ3.4mm jack x1
Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 6.3 x 5.1 x 4.6 in. / 160 x 130 x 116 mm
Mass(Body only) Approx. 2.6lbs./1170g
Power Requirements Battery terminal (DC 14.4V), DC IN terminal: DC 24V
Operating Temperature Approx. 0 °C to 40 °C 85% (relative humidity) Approx. -5 °C to 45 °C 60% (relative humidity)