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Saskia Wilson

Saskia Wilson is a photographer and educator living and working on Gadigal and Wangal land in Sydney, Australia. Her commercial and personal work evokes a refined sense of balance, integrity, contemplation and authenticity. These qualities are attributable to Wilson’s synesthetic sensitivity to formal photographic properties, her diverse and varied experience, and her long-developed discipline for capturing and reflecting momentous detail, light, gesture, and environment.

Interconnected to Wilson’s photography is her ongoing commitment to educating and mentoring others. Central to this practice is the prioritisation of the value of BIPOC perspectives in photography, the importance of accessible photographic communications and literacy, and the ongoing empowerment of young and diverse photographers. As such, both in her teaching and photography career, Wilson continues to work with a variety of progressive and social-justice organizations, institutions, non-profits, and charities.



"Traditionally I feel that the Australian landscape is often depicted through a colonial lens, it being a harsh and inhospitable environment that needs to be tamed and or conquered. Instead, I hope this series evokes in an audience some of the freedom, joy and calm I experience when immersed in our natural environment."