Angelbird AV Pro SSD 500GB Drive Pro Video/Audio Recording

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Angelbird AV Pro SSD 500GB Drive Pro Video/Audio Recording

Out of stock
  • Sustained read speed 500 MB/s
  • Adaptive thermal protection
  • Shock and temperature proof
  • Host power loss protection
  • X-ray and magnetic proof
  • Stable Stream Technology
  • ESD and overload protection
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The Angelbird AV PRO XT SSD was built from the ground up with your trust in mind. Designed and precision-manufactured in Austria to demanding specs, the AV PRO XT is purpose-built to deliver blazing-fast read/write performance and rock-solid stability. And it’s ready when you are — every time.

Features robust 9mm casing and high compatiblity with your cameras, recorders, and players.

During recording, the AV PRO XT closely monitors operating temperature, and thanks to a careful balance of software and managed hardware components, it adapts to optimize the write process in real time. At the critical level of 105° Celsius, the drive automatically flushes all data in the pipeline, writes the FTL (flash translation layer), and securely shuts down, protecting both your data and your hardware.

Host power is filtered and monitored by the AV PRO XT’s own power circuit, ensuring that only clean, stable power is delivered to the controller and drive components. In case of a sudden loss of power, the drive automatically flushes all data in the pipeline, writes the FTL, and securely shuts down the drive. Your data is safe from unstable host power and power loss.

The AV PRO XT is housed in a precision CNC-worked aluminium case filled with thermal adhesive to efficiently dissipate heat generated by the drive. With its extended temperature range rated components, the drive’s operating temperature is from -20° to 85°C, and the storage temperature is from -40° to 90°C. The AV PRO XT is built to withstand electrostatic discharge, keeping the drive and your contents safe.

With its unique features, the AV PRO XT offers a nearly endless lifetime of operation, which can’t be found on any other drive. 500 GB - up to 4.500 TBW (Terabytes Written) | 1 TB - up to 9.000 TBW | 2 TB - up to 18.000 TBW | 4 TB - up to 36.000 TBW.

To ensure highest possible compatibility, Angelbird works alongside major recorder vendors from the earliest development stage to the final product. This ensures highest certified compatibility, and additionally optimized performance for RAW and compressed content recording.