Arri LMB 4x5 Pro Set

Out of stock

Arri LMB 4x5 Pro Set

Out of stock
  • Robust but lightweight
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Compatible to legacy accessories
  • Additional filter storage
  • Tilt-and-flex adapter
  • Foldable filters
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ARRI invests in its range of high-quality, camera-independent accessories with the introduction of the new Lightweight Matte Box LMB 4x5.

This modular matte box expands on the feature set and creative possibilities of the popular LMB-25 while retaining an entry-level price tag. Suited for a wide range of applications in just one product, this robust but lightweight matte box allows for an unprecedented level of flexibility.

From a single-filter configuration for gimbals, drones, or Steadicams to clamp-on versions up to rod-mounted solutions (using either 15mm lightweight, 15 or 19mm studio rods), the LMB 4x5 makes short work of challenging situations. Altering the various applications does not necessitate any supplementary tools, making set-ups quick and easy. The new matte box is also a highly compatible to legacy accessories; all clamp adapters and filter frames from the former models LMB-5, LMB-15, and LMB-25 are compatible. The LMB 4x5 also maintains the streamlined design for which ARRI’s LMB range is known. 

The valuable features of ARRI´s matte box line, such as tray catchers, tilting capability, and swing-away modules have been retained in the LMB 4x5 while many other features have been added. Enhancements, such as an additional filter stage in two different versions, a tilt-and-flex adapter, as well as flags that fold flat for easier storage without the need to be removed make this matte box unique.

Set includes:

Swing-away tilt module

Offering a comfortable swing-away with extension for easier lens changes, as well as an integrated tilt module for 10° up and down adjustments to avoid unwanted reflections.

Pair of flag holders

Can be mounted on the top, bottom, or sides of the LMB 4x5 and LMB 6x6. Also compatible with LMB-25 and LMB-6 (top).

Non-rotatable third filter stage

For LMB 4x5. Can be used as a stand-alone filter stage with all LMB 4x5 clamp adapters. The LMB 4x5 sunshade can be mounted directly to the front of the filter stage.

Set of Mattes

5 Mattes and fits to following Matte Boxes: LMB 4x5, LMB-5, LMB-15, LMB-25, MB-19.

Basic module

Starting point for the modular LMB 4x5 matte box. By just adding a clamp adapter it offers a clip-on version which can be extended by adding other LMB 4x5 parts. Includes: 1x Sunshade, 1x Backplate with Filter Guides, 2x Filter Frame 4 x 5,56, 1x Tray Catcher, 2x Top Flag Holder, 1x Mask 0.

Foam insert

Fits perfectly into the Peli Case 1560 and 1560M. It is included in all LMB 4x5 sets (LMB 4x5 Clamp-On Set 3-Stage, LMB 4x5 15mm LWS Set 3-Stage, LMB 4x5 Pro Set, Upgrade Set LMB-25 to LMB 4x5 Basic, Upgrade Set LMB-25 to LMB 4x5 Pro).

LMB accessory adapter

For 3/8 inch accessories such as ultrasonic devices-compatible with LMB 4x5 / LMB 6x6 / LMB-25 / LMB-6 with the additional sliding possibility for a perfect positioning.

360° rotatable third filter stage

With integrated tray catcher. Can be used as a stand-alone filter stage with all LMB 4x5 clamp adapters.

Flexible rubber donut adapter

For use with lenses from small to large diameters (62-143mm), for use with LMB 4x5 swing-away tilt module or with lenses where lens elements are extending. The LMB 4x5 15 mm LWS console can be mounted either on top or at the bottom. Compatible with LMB-25, LMB-5, LMB-15.

Carbon fiver flag

Features two extensions, which can be mounted at the top or the bottom of the LMB 4x5 – compatible with LMB-5, LMB-15, and LMB-25.

Set of two carbon fibre side flags

Each is extendable on the top. Please note that K2.0013825 LMB Flag Holders are required.

Screw-in standard 15 mm lightweight support console

Compatible with: LMB 4x5 143 mm clamp adapter LMB 4x5 Tilt and Flex Adapter.


Note: 19 mm and 15 mm studio rod adapters must be ordered separately.