Broncolor Para 133 Kit without adaptor

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Broncolor Para 133 Kit without adaptor

Out of stock
  • Product to be ordered in and may take up to 2 weeks for delivery
  • Silver inside coating
  • Lightweight aluminium and carbon fibre construction
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Can be used with flash lights and/or continuous lights
  • Variable focus and positioning of lamp head
  • Use as spot or soft light
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The Para 133 is a little giant. It is the big brother of the Para 88, and new member in the Para family.

Decisive for the creative photographer is that a Para is not just a conventional light shaper, but rather an independent lighting system: the position of the lamp is always central, on the axis of the reflector; the angle influences the character of the light; the range includes three diffusers with different densities.

Just two quick hand movements on the four clamping brackets allow the Para 133 to be set up in seconds. As a further highlight, it can also be mounted directly without the focusing device as reflectors for other broncolor lamp heads. As well as its opening mechanism, the two smaller Paras also differ from their big brothers in the reflector material. Due to their smaller size, broncolor deliberately uses a slightly textured reflector material so as to ensure that the light is not too aggressive. All the models have very light, yet sturdy materials in common. Whilst the main structure is made primarily of aluminium, the rods are made of fibre glass or carbon fibre – titanium alloy for the small Paras. Technology normally reserved for motorsport!

You can focus to get a big amount of light. You can defocus to get a nice 3D light. Or you may want to soften the light with the different diffusors. Diffuser 1 is an almost completely transparent fabric. Only a small portion of the light is scattered, the dominance of reflections is reduced and the light is thus somewhat finer but still “typical Para”. Diffuser 3 is made of an opaque fabric. The light of the Para is then similar to that of a large, round soft-box, but largely at the sacrifice of the Para’s properties described in the section focus/light. The optical density of diffuser 2 lies between that of numbers 1 and 3. Due to the almost perfect parabolic form, the light leaves the Para almost parallel, i.e. the centre of the lighting is not much larger than the diameter of the respective Para when the lamp head is located at the apex (focused). If this spot effect needs to be intensified, textile honeycomb grids can be mounted on all the Paras.

Para, one light shaper with unlimited options.