Broncolor Pulso G 3200 J

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Broncolor Pulso G 3200 J

Out of stock
  • 3200 J flash tube
  • Cooling fan and thermal protection
  • Integrated umbrella holder
  • Integrated tilt head with locking lever
  • Automatic locking mechanism
  • Quick release bracket
  • Front focusing device
  • Protecting glass
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The updated version of the popular "F" series. "G" heads have an improved clamping system for more reliable braking, and stability when using the head with larger, heavier accessories, such as soft-boxes.

The included flash-tube protection dome is now better-protected with a redesigned locking bayonet device. Voltage level is automatically sensed, modelling lights are changeable for 220V.

This head will fit on almost any third party light-stand, eliminating the need for the broncolor adapter.

The familiar features of light angle focusing, 3200 w/s of consistent power, standard broncolor Bayonet reflector mount and umbrella holder, and cooling fan are still built in. A power supply for this flash head is required.

Compact Design
Sleek, and exactly balanced for ease of handling and transport. Sturdy Noryl Housing.

Easy to Control
The Pulso's light angle may be adjusted by a rotary knob fitted on the side of the lamp base. It utilizes an integrated tilt mechanism for continuous tilting for stand or suspension mounting. Focus is possible within a 26mm range, resulting in illumination angle adjustment from 60-90° with a P70 reflector.

Easily Replaceable Flash-tube
The Pulso lamp base features a user replaceable flash-tube. No tools are required to replace this "plug & play" flash-tube. The lamp-base also comes standard with a protective glass dome that surrounds the flash-tube for an added margin of safety. There are also many optional glass domes that come in a variety of coatings so that you have added control over the colour temperature.

Removable Reflector
The Pulso series heads feature the standard broncolor Bayonet Mount that accepts all broncolor reflectors accessories.

Fan Cooled
The lamp-base is fan cooled for increased protection under the most demanding applications.

Modelling Light
The Pulso lamp-base features halogen modelling lights that burn brighter and last significantly longer than a non-halogen incandescent bulb.

Long-Reaching Cable
A (4.8 m) cable is included. Additional 16 or 32' cables may be used for light heads that are in use at greater distances from the power pack.