Broncolor Ringflash C 3200J Bron

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Broncolor Ringflash C 3200J Bron

Out of stock
  • max. 3200 J
  • f-stop at 2 m (6 1/2 ft) distance
  • 100 ISO: f: 45 1/10, 200 W halogen
  • 200 – 240 V: 10 x 20 W/24 V
  • 100 – 120 V: 10 x 20W/12 V
  • With flash tube, halogen lamp and reflector
  • Safety grid
  • Camera holder, lamp cable 5 m (16 ft)
  • Compatible with all broncolor power packs
  • Halogen modelling light 200 W 
  • A honeycomb set (3 pieces) is available for Ringflash C
  • High-strength UV-coated flash tube (3200 J)
  • Powerful fan cooling and integrated UV-filter
  • Operation possible on all mains power supplies worldwide
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The light of a Ringflash is known for its very uniform – at best slightly centre oriented – fill.

The Ringflash C can be used in areas of fashion, still life, food and macro photography. The Ringflash C's special lamp creates half-shadow contours. Depending on the illumination distance, these contours are dark and broad (at a short distance) or bright and narrow (at a long distance). The subject itself is largely free of shadow, illuminated with slightly dark contours.

Honeycomb grids allow the lighting angle to be directed more accurately. As a result, illumination similar to a spotlight is achieved while retaining the typical shadowless characteristics the Ringflash is known for. The angle of the Ringflash C can be adjusted independently from the camera, allowing more flexibility for directing light to the area where accentuation is desired.

When using a Ringflash, the light source is evenly distributed around and very close to the lens. Light without shadows is the result. With one exception: If a background is not illuminated with additional (natural or artificial) light, shadow contours may appear around the object or model. These shadows are larger when the object is farther away from the background.

Due to the adjustable camera holder the Ringflash C is suitable for almost every camera. The depth as well as the inside diameter of the Ringflash permit the use of camera lenses up to approx. 90° of the image angle (with small-format cameras this corresponds to a focal distance of approx. 20 mm). To assure the compatibility with professional camera stands, the holder of the Ringflash C is equipped with a stand mount with 3/8” thread respectively 1/4” thread (when used with the enclosed adapter nut).

The Ringflash C is fully compatible with all broncolor power packs. There is no modelling light when using it on a Move 1200L.