Canon PROGRAF Pro 1000 A2 Printer

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Canon PROGRAF Pro 1000 A2 Printer

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  • High quality A2 colour printer
  • 12 pigment ink system and accurately placing an incredible
  • 32,256,000 ink droplets every second
  • Smooth gradations and excellent detail
  • Canon Print Assist
  • Smart skew correction
  • Vacuum air feeding for accurate placement of ink
  • Non-firing nozzle detection 
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Your professional A2 printer for prints with precision.

The new imagePROGRAF PRO Series is designed to showcase your images the way they deserve. Hardware, software and ink technology is optimised to reproduce your work the way you intended it to. Whether you’re printing your own work or for others, see a new level of detail and vibrancy in your prints. There’s a lot of clever science that’s behind our new LUCIA PRO ink. The main thing you will see is the phenomenal print quality that is now possible across a range of different media. Colour accuracy has never been easier for the most vibrant of images.

Colour Management can be a difficult (and costly) exercise. Canon offers clever colour calibration and management tools that help you print consistently, every time. By combining our ink technology with these utilities, you can ensure that your first print and your one-hundredth print are closer reproductions of each other than ever before. Even if you’re printing from different machines. A powerful colour calibration system ensures the most stable colour reproduction is attainable.

Lead the way with spectacular results in colour or black and white
Working with a 12 pigment ink system and accurately placing an incredible 32,256,000 ink droplets on the paper every second, the iPF PRO-1000 produces spectacular reproductions of photos and fine arts with smooth gradations and excellent detail. Chroma Optimizer ink ensures uniform glossiness on luster and gloss stocks.

Print Assist
This product is covered by Canon Print Assist. Get easy, step-by-step instructions to set up and use your printer. If you have a problem, you can contact the Print Assist team to help you solve your problem and be up and printing in no time.

Get the wow factor with luster and gloss prints
Canon’s special Chroma Optimizer ink minimises microscopic bumps between ink droplets, to give your prints uniform glossiness and regulate surface reflections. Silicon oil, added to the inks for abrasion resistance, prevents scratching, making your job easier when it comes to printing and transporting large volumes.

A printer that straightens and flattens for perfect results
Achieve perfect results with smart skew correction and vacuum air feeding which feeds flat paper for accurate placement of ink droplets.

Smart, accurate and flexible
The iPF PRO-1000’s non-firing nozzle detection reduces banding and alternate nozzles are ready to replace any that are blocked.

12 pigment inks
Produces a very wide gamut of colour and tone, smooth gradations and excellent detail in the shadows.

A2 print speed
Approximately 6 minutes and 25 seconds to create a high quality A2 colour print with a border.

Ideal colour and detail
The improved print head produces 32,256 ink droplets every second to ensure spectacular colour and detail in every print.

Chroma optimizer
Minimises microscopic bumps between ink droplets, giving prints a uniform glossiness. This regulates surface reflections to prevent a bronzing effect.