DOP Choice SnapBox for up to 4 TitanTubes 2ft x 4ft

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DOP Choice SnapBox for up to 4 TitanTubes 2ft x 4ft

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  •  Self-tightening Snap Technology™
  • Two interchangeable fabric side panels
  • Professional diffusion for LED Tiles
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SNAPBOX™ is the new solution to jerry-rigged on-set lighting set ups. Turn LED panels, light tiles and tube-shaped fixtures into full-featured light sources with flexible, adjustable soft boxes and grids such as the SNAPBOX™.


No compromise

SNAPBOX™ upgrades possible uses of LED tiles to meet the demands of professional shoots.


No hassle

DoPchoice’s patented self-tightening Snap Technology™ allows you to unfold your SNAPBOX™  in seconds and instantly deploys into a rectangular box.


Get full light control

Two interchangeable fabric side panels let you direct your soft light just the way you need it. One is made of Magic Cloth™ diffusion, the other is made of lightproof black fabric with a reflecting intensifier on the inside. You can change them quickly with hook’n loop attachments.


Professional Diffusion For Led Tiles

LED tiles are becoming increasingly popular however their light is sharp and bright. DoP Choice’s Magic Cloth™ provides the soft, diffused light required for professional shoots without foregoing the practical advantages of handy LED tiles.


Easy To Mount

Quickly mount the SNAPBOX™ to the light source with an easy to use hook’n loop. The corner eyelets are convenient for flying the system overhead on safety cables. Alternatively, stretch the elastic straps in each corner on to standard Frost Frame or Flag mounted on regular grip equipment.



If you need more light control, attach a SNAPGRIDS® onto the SNAPBOX™. It affixes simply to each corner of the box via a sturdy elastic strap.



Easily set up, dismantle and transport your gear for the optimum hassle free work flow. The SNAPBOX™ comes with a high end pouch which stores it safely and securely.