Foba Studio stand 2.5m ASABA

Out of stock

Foba Studio stand 2.5m ASABA

Out of stock
  • Studio camera stand
  • Overall height 2.5 m
  • Horizontal beam: 100 cm
  • Lifting capacity (without additional counterweight): 6 kg
  • Delivered with a rotating platform ASOBA
  • Total weight: 96 kg
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All-purpose middleweights
The successful all-purpose stand ASABA is ideally designed for 4×5″, middle or digital professional cameras as well as for any kind of sensors. The beam runs on ball bearings and is equipped on both ends with spigots, onto which any of the available rotating accessories can be inserted and thus enabling the photographer to install permanently the two cameras which are most often used. The vertical beam displacement is supported by a counterweight inside the shaft. With the addition of the ASOBU rotating platform, the shaft can perform a full turn on its own axis. Ball bearing casters ensure smooth and comfortable floor displacements and stabilization on ground, thanks to a rotating pedal.

A large selection of accessories turns the ASABA studio stand into a unique and individual tool, specifically adapted for the task at hand. The stand allows smooth vertical and horizontal movements on ball bearings and includes a rotating pedal, which enables the lifting and lowering of the whole stand to be done with ease. The standard delivery includes one rotating platform ASOBA. There are 2 fittings for the all-purpose trays ARTEO and ARTEU integrated in the crosspiece. For greater mobility, the cast-iron base ARBOF with its big casters is available on request and at extra charge.