Canon 10x16 KAS 8K BCTV zoom lens

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Canon 10x16 KAS 8K BCTV zoom lens

In stock
$500.00 Pre-order deposit
  • 1.25” 8K Compatible Portable Zoom Lens
  • 16mm wide angle
  • 160mm on the telephoto end
  • f2.8 brightness
  • BT.2020
  • 16-bit absolute value encoder


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1.25” 8K Compatible Portable Zoom Lens

The 10x16 KAS S is a portable lens specifically designed for 8K broadcast cameras employing a 1.25-inch sensor. Capable of producing ultra-high-definition broadcasting and video content, it is the latest addition to Canon’s lineup of 8K compatible zoom lenses meeting the needs of the broadcast industry professionals to deliver ultra-high-resolution reproduction.


Excellent Optical Performance & High Magnification

This portable shoulder-mount 10x zoom lens (16-160mm) starts from 16mm wide angle and provides f2.8 brightness across the entire zoom range while achieving 160mm on the telephoto end. Equipped with such lens elements as fluorite, UD lenses*, Hi-UD lenses*, and wide-diameter aspherical lenses that help lessen chromatic and spherical aberrations and diminish image quality.


Camera Chromatic Aberration Correction Function

The 10x16 KASS S supports BT.2020, which is not only standardised for 4K/8K broadcasts, it also has considerably enhanced colour gamut, luminance and resolution compared to BT.709 the standard for conventional HD broadcast. This has resulted in a much wider range of colours, high resolution video reproduction with outstanding tonality, realistic texture and depth.


Compact & Lightweight for Mobility

The 10x16 KAS S is compact and lightweight with the durability of conventional 4K lenses, guaranteeing a range of flexibility and motion. It’s optical performance supports 8K cameras.


High- Performance Digital Drive Unit

Featuring a 16-bit absolute value encoder that can power on without initialisation, as well as camera- side aberration correction function, position detection, and viewfinder position display are possible at time of start-up. This model supports three 20-pin connectors, enabling read out of high accuracy lens data while using the zoom and focus demands, a strong feature that supports compatibility with virtual production platforms.