Broncolor HMI 1600 Open Face Kit

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Broncolor HMI 1600 Open Face Kit

Out of stock
  • 1x Lamp HMI F1600 incl. Bulb
  • Electronic ballast unit HMI 800.1600
  • Open Face reflector
  • 4-leaf barn door
  • Diffusion filter
  • Conversion filter
  • Bag for 5 filters or lenses
  • Lamp cable 7.5 m (25 ft)
  • Trolley transport case
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The HMI 1600 Open Face Kit consists of the HMI F1600 lamp-head with a focusable daylight bulb and the HMI 800.1600 ballast unit. The ballast unit is 100-50% dimmable and flicker-free.

The versatile HMI F1600 daylight lamp is the best choice for high power output, formability, and colour requirements, for both photography and video. The unique bayonet system allows the use of numerous reflectors with which you can master every task professionally.

By using an Open Face reflector, PAR reflector, soft-box or a Para, light can be formed to meet any requirement from a soft area light to a hard point source.