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Shop professional equipment here on our online store, or in person at our retail divisions at SUNSTUDIOS Sydney and SUNSTUDIOS Melbourne. We stock the best camera, lighting and cinema products from top brands including Canon, Broncolor, F-Stop, Arri, DJI and Lupo, and we can tailor any studio lighting kit to your shooting requirements, providing you with the support, knowledge and equipment to get the best shots possible.

  • Cameras

    Canon professional and mirrorless.

    <p>Canon professional and mirrorless.</p>
  • Cinema

    Canon CN-E - bodies and lenses.

    <p> Canon CN-E - bodies and lenses. </p>
  • Lighting

    Broncolor, Lupo, portable and studio. 

  • Lenses

    Canon L series, RF and CN-E.

  • Camera Accessories
  • Grip and Supports
    Grip and Supports

    Avenger, Manfrotto, Foba, grip.

  • Print

    Canon Pro 1000.

  • Accessories

    Storage, memory, batteries, cables.

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  • SUNSTUDIOS equipment hire

    SUNSTUDIOS equipment hire

    SUNSTUDIOS Australia holds an extensive range of professional equipment, enabling photographers and cinematographers to access the best gear available without the investment of purchase or maintenance.
  • SUNSTUDIOS Sydney Studio 2

    studio spaces

    The studios at SUNSTUDIOS Sydney and Melbourne have been expertly designed and come fully-equipped so you can focus on creating the best imagery possible.
  • SUNSTUDIOS print services in Sydney and Melbourne

    printing services

    SUNSTUDIOS collaborates with photographers and artists to produce the finest prints possible. Our personalised service is tailored to your specific requirements including all guidance necessary to realise your vision as an artist.