Broncolor Para 177 Kit without Adapter

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Broncolor Para 177 Kit without Adapter

Out of stock
  • Parabolic Shape
  • Max. 3200 J
  • f-stop at 2 m (6 1/2 ft) distance, focused: 128
  • f-stop at 10 m (33 ft) distance, focused: 45
  • silver inside coating
  • dimensions open ø 170 x 95 cm (77 x 37”)
  • dimensions closed ø 40 x 95 cm (16 x 37”)
  • Heat Resistant up to 2000W Tungsten
  • Simple four handle Assembly
  • Focusing tube for adapter system
  • Travel bag included
  • Tear-resistant textile reflector material
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A Para never ceases to impress!

There is no other light that gives bodies, faces and products so much volume and plasticity. No other light is so soft and yet allows skin to glow so wonderfully naturally. The broncolor Paras are the most flexible lighting system ever! Whether as a powerful spot, a soft cloud of light, fitted with diffusers or honeycomb grids or used with flash or continuous light - you get exactly the light that you want. Always. Everywhere.

Regardless of the diameter, all Paras have 24 reflector segments that help to provide the near perfect parabolic shape which is needed for optimum and variable light design. All the sizes have a long focus length in common which allows the light to be varied between almost parallel (focussed) to extremely scattered (defocused).

The Para 177 can be set up easily, and without great effort, by means of a crank handle mechanism. The rods are also provided with joints that allow the Paras to collapse and shorten to half the usual length for transporting.

A light source
Thanks to the different adapters, broncolor Paras can be used by both photographers and video film makers from all areas. The Paras are easy to operate with flash and continuous light from a variety of manufacturers. Thus, for example, adapters are not only available for broncolor flash lights and the HMI, but the continuous light sources of K5600 and Profoto can also be installed. Finally, there is also a universal adapter with a standard tripod bolt which allows the majority of commercially available lights to be used. The enormously high light yield of a Para can be the deciding factor, particularly in the use of continuous light!

Variable filters
When you wish or like to work with a softer light, broncolor offers three diffusers for all Para diameters: Diffuser 1 is an almost completely transparent fabric. Only a small portion of the light is scattered, the dominance of reflections is reduced and the light is thus somewhat finer but still “typical Para”. Diffuser 3 is made of an opaque fabric. The light of the Para is then similar to that of a large, round softbox, but largely at the sacrifice of the Para’s properties described in the section focus/light. The optical density of diffuser 2 lies between that of numbers 1 and 3. Due to the almost perfect parabolic form, the light leaves the Para almost parallel, i.e. the centre of the lighting is not much larger than the diameter of the respective Para when the lamp head is located at the apex (focused). If this spot effect needs to be intensified, textile honeycomb grids can be mounted on all the Paras.