Broncolor Para 222 without Adapter

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Broncolor Para 222 without Adapter

Out of stock
  • Long focus length
  • Exceptional light output
  • Covered in high-gloss, tear-resistant textile reflector material
  • Made of aluminium, carbon-fibre, and fibreglass materials
  • Use as spot or soft light
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The Para 222 has 24 reflector segments that help provide a near perfect parabolic shape, which is needed for optimum and variable light design.

It has a long focus length, which allows the light to be varied between almost parallel (focussed) to extremely scattered (defocused), with a seemingly endless number of lighting characteristics. 

In order to defocus the Para 222, you move the light towards the reflector opening. Not only does this setting result in a great spot light, but rather 24 small and softly arranged hard lights, which create a beautiful light cloud that envelopes everything: softly lit, yet still emphasising the structure of the object (e.g. skin). As the light radiates forward from the optical axis, the representation of each object is extremely plastic and three-dimensional. It is this quality of the Paras in particular, that distinguishes them from other giant light shapers, which make light look much more uniform and flat. When the light is at a greater distance from the model, the Para 222 has a definite advantage over its smaller brothers, by preserving the unique quality of a Para.

Light may be further softened with the use of different diffusors. Diffuser 1 is an almost completely transparent fabric. Only a small portion of the light is scattered, the dominance of reflections is reduced and the light is thus somewhat finer but still ‘typical Para’. Diffuser 3 is made of an opaque fabric. The light of the Para is then similar to that of a large, round soft-box. The optical density of diffuser 2 lies between that of numbers 1 and 3. Due to the almost perfect parabolic form, the light leaves the Para almost parallel, i.e. the centre of the lighting is not much larger than the diameter of the respective Para when the lamp head is located at the apex (focused). If this spot effect needs to be intensified, textile honeycomb grids can be mounted on all the Paras.

All reflectors including the Para 222, are constructed of aluminium, carbon fibre or fibreglass materials, resulting in the matching of lighter total weight and utmost durability. The Para 222 can be easily set up without large effort by means of a crank handle mechanism. The rods are also provided with joints that allow the Paras to collapse and shorten to half the usual length for transporting.