Broncolor Scoro 1600 S WiFi / RFS 2

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Broncolor Scoro 1600 S WiFi / RFS 2

Out of stock
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  • Flash energy: 1600 J
  • F-stop: 64 2/10
  • Charging time: 0.02 — 0.6 s, speed mode 0.02 — 0.4 s (230 V)
  • Up to 50 flashes per second
  • Control range over 9 f-stops in 1/10 or 1/1 f-stop intervals
  • Automatic stabilisation of the colour temperature (ECTC) over the whole control range
  • 3 lamp outlets, the power output of each of the 3 lamp outlets can be adjusted independently
  • Individual choice of the colour temperature shift
  • Works with all voltages from 100 — 240 V
  • Wifi: 802.11 b/g/n, encoding: open/WPA/WPA2
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Scoro S is the first choice for extraordinary pictures.

Thanks to the manifold and one of a kind possibilities, this power pack is the ideal light source in professional photography. No fewer than three lamp base outlets are available and each of them can be adjusted asymmetrically. Due to revised hard and software, the new Scoro S WiFi / RFS 2 can be conveniently controlled by app (bronControl). By means of a WiFi connection, mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) as well as desktop computers are able to communicate with this high-end power pack.

Absolute freedom
With 3200 Joules of power, there is more than enough light for any imaginable photographic task - this immense energy can also be reduced over a range of 11 stops, or a factor of 1000, allowing the use of wide-open apertures. With broncolor's established expertise in color temperature control - the output colour the light remains constant across the entire range from 3 to 3200 joules.

On-the-ball with colour
broncolor light is very consistent and of a neutral colour. However, indirect lighting or the use of diffusers can negatively impact upon this light. Scoro power packs not only allow the compensation for such influences, but also allow targeted work with warmer or colder light.

A lot of light in little time
The broncolor Scoro generators achieve their ultrashort flash firing times not just at low power settings, but also in the medium power range. Thus, there is always enough light available to not only freeze a fast movement, but also to perfectly photograph it with a usable amount of light.

Cut-off technology
Flash duration and light output are the two decisive factors in light control. A microprocessor in the Scoro power packs offers you the option of calculating the shortest or longest flash duration for a given output - this enables rapid flash sequences with up to 50 flashes per second.

Constant colour temperature – ECTC
The second generation of our patented ECTC (Enhanced Colour Temperature Control) technology, which adapts flash voltage and flash duration to each other, achieves a constant colour temperature over the entire variation range. If desired, the Scoro S, allows the colour temperature to be adjusted in calibrated steps of +/- 200 K at constant power. When several lights are connected, a constant colour temperature is ensured on all channels up to an asymmetry of two f-stops.

Individual power distribution
The Scoro S packs have three lamp outlets, the Scoro E two. Each lamp has an individual power controller with an LED display and can be adjusted independently of the other outlets. The unit therefore behaves like three (or two) independent power packs. You have an operating range of 11 f-stops to set the flash output you need, this corresponds to a control range from a maximum of 3 to 3200 J.

Speed mode
In speed mode, the charging time and flash duration are reduced by up to 50%, the maximum flash energy by 25%. In this way, you can achieve up to ten shots per second at full output, or up to 50 per second at reduced power. broncolor power packs and compact devices with cut-off technology thus become top-class flash devices, especially when speed is of the essence. Thanks to the active fan cooling, even long flash series are absolutely no problem at all.