Lupo Actionpanel Dual Colour

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Special Price $381.90 Save $891.10 $1,273.00

Lupo Actionpanel Dual Colour

Out of stock
Special Price $381.90 Save $891.10 $1,273.00
  • High-frequency electronics guarantee flicker-free operation
  • Ultra-resistant reinforced techno polymer shell
  • Mains or battery operated (standard 14.8 V and 95 Wh batteries)
  • DMX control
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Flicker free - Perfect for video shootings - in studio or on location.

All models in the Actionpanel range are designed to make life easier for professionals in the photographic and video industry, and silent operation is one of the key features of all Lupo lighting products. The high-frequency electronics guarantee a flicker-free operation even for high-speed video shooting.


The Actionpanel has been designed to be a hyper-technological and portable product.

Weighing just 2 kg, with an ultra-resistant reinforced techno polymer shell, you no longer need to worry about carrying heavy and complicated to use solutions or with separate electronic parts on set. In fact, everything is integrated in the Actionpanel, just as in all Lupo LED products.


Compact and tough

Mains or battery operated.

DMX integrated.

The Actionpanel range has a super solid and resistant structure, while keeping lightness and portability. All the Actionpanel range models are mains or battery operated (standard 14.8 V and 95 Wh batteries), and work through DMX control. Firmware can be upgraded through the USB port.


Intuitive settings

The digital display on the back of the Actionpanel Dual Colour allows you to clearly and easily visualize the light intensity you decide to set, the chosen colour temperature and the DMX channels. All functions and settings are designed to make life simpler for professionals.