Lupo SuperPanel 5.6k 30 (DISCONTINUED)

In stock

Lupo SuperPanel 5.6k 30 (DISCONTINUED)

In stock
  • 22,000 LUX at 1 meter
  • 400 surface mount LEDs
  • High colour rendering and high TLCI
  • Battery operated or mains powered 

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With 400 high-quality surface mount LEDs featuring high color rendering and high TLCI the Lupo Superpanel has been perfectly designed for both photography and video application.


Emitting 22,000 LUX at 1 meter the Superpanel has the capacity to create uniform and surrounding light as well as avoiding unpleasant green cast thanks to the exclusive True color technology. This fundamental and exclusive feature enables creatives to avoid extra post-production work and allows an accurate mix with other light sources, for example sunlight.


Lightweight and durable

The Superpanel has been designed with a focus on being lightweight and compact at only 2.3 kg. It is conveniently transportable with padded bags, and can be used in every shooting situation, both in studio and on location with the option of being operated with battery or on the mains.

Accuracy and control 

SUPERPANEL are dimmable with accuracy from 0 to 100% and the huge amount of light emitted gives the possibility to light well wide areas and subjects at long distance.

Freedom to shoot on location

Thanks to the superlight dedicated Li-ion battery, they can work at the maximum power for about 1.75 hours.