Lupo SuperPanel Soft Full Colour 30

Out of stock
Special Price $843.49 Save $1,968.14 $2,811.63

Lupo SuperPanel Soft Full Colour 30

Out of stock
Special Price $843.49 Save $1,968.14 $2,811.63
  • RGBWW control red green blue and white independently
  • HSI mode to control hue, saturation and intensity
  • Reinforced technopolymer bodies
  • Option of mains or battery operation
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Finance Policy

Lupo’s Superpanel Full Color range has an excellent colour rendering in all hues (95, average CRI and TLCI value) with a range of warm and cold white colours from 2800 K to 10000 K. Choose from a variety of colours with Lupo’s exclusive Full Colour (RGBW) technology.



Allows you to control red, green, blue and white independently.



Determine hue, saturation and intensity of all colors available with the HSI mode.


Presets and Special Effects

The Superpanel Full Color 30 has an extensive collection of preset filters and special effects for fast application and flexibility on set.


Innovative materials

All Lupo products are developed considering toughness and quality in combination with on-set use and transportation. This is why Lupo bodies are built in reinforced technopolymer which is durable and reduces the product’s final weight.


Intuitive settings

The digital display on the back of the Superpanel Full Colour 30 clearly shows the settings for intensity, colour temperature, colour mode, green/magenta adjustments, dimmer curves, special effects and DMX channels.


Quality and Convenience

With no external ballasts or heavy battery packs to carry or connect, the Superpanel Full Color 30 is a single, easy to carry and compact solution. The menu to select the various functions and special effects is intuitive.


Incredible quantity of light with mains or battery operation

The Superpanel Full Colour 30 can be powered with Lupo or equivalent lithium batteries (DC supply from 14.8 V to 24 V).


Built-in DMX

Available in the version with pole bracket. All Lupo lighting products are available with a pole bracket for use in television studios of all sizes. All models with pole brackets are supplied with a 28 mm spigot.


CCT Mode

White - warm and cool from 2800 K to 10000 K with the possibility to adjust green and magenta.