MovieLight 300 PRO Daylight

In stock
$250.00 Pre-order deposit

MovieLight 300 PRO Daylight

In stock
$250.00 Pre-order deposit
  • Compact and portable
  • Flicker Free
  • Durable reinforced polymer build

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Lupo’s Movielight 300 PRO series is the most practical Bowens Mount type fixtures currently available. The special optics and reflector help make the light very bright while also maintaining power efficiency.


The Movielight 300 PRO series has been created with convenience and flexibility in mind, to make filmmakers’ lives as fluid as possible on set with the integrated electronic ballast design. The Movielight 300 PRO circuitry is located in the top of the device; the AC feed is the only external cable that needs to be attached to a Powercon connector. This simplified solution allows you to get rid of external ballasts and cables, making transport and use of these lights much easier.

New components make the light durable with a solid build

 The use of polymers instead of conventional iron or aluminium gives the lights a support structure made of reinforced polymer that performs better in terms of shock resistance, heat resistance, electrical safety and simplicity when assembling and disassembling for repairs. Lupo’s line of products is ideal for photography and filmmaking, video and movie productions, and rentals.

Flicker free - Perfect for video shootings. LED lighting reimagined 

The Movielight range are designed for professional use in the film and video industry, therefore silent operation is one of the key features of all of Lupo’s lighting products. The high-frequency electronics guarantee flicker-free operation, even for high-speed video shooting.


Mains or battery - Bluetooth and DMX control integrated

All Lupo lights, including the new Movielights 300 PRO can be used with the mains (universal 90 V to 240 V) or battery (14.8 V to 28 V, depending on the model). The fibre reinforced technopolymer structure makes them both practical and light for carrying and vigorous use, enabling professional content makers to take these on location shoots.

Lupo offers a range of battery powered accessories for all Movielight PRO models and all other LED Fresnels and LED panels. Choose the battery kit that includes: a 160 Wh battery, a v-mount clamp for Movielight 300 PRO, a dedicated charger and a d-tap cable. All Lupo light models are compatible with lithium batteries, but with Lupo accessories you har a practical, dependable, economical and professional solution.