Canon Large Format Printer IPF-PRO-6000

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Canon Large Format Printer IPF-PRO-6000

Out of stock
  • Max Resolution: 2400 x 1200 dpi
  • Max Printable Width: 60"
  • FINE Print Head Technology
  • L-COA PRO High-Speed Processing Engine
  • Color Densitometer for Calibration
  • 12 LUCIA PRO Inks; No Black Switching
  • Sub-Ink Tank System; 320GB Hard Drive
  • 3.5" LCD Touchscreen; USB Direct Print
  • USB 2.0, Ethernet, & Wi-Fi Connectivity
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Finance Policy

Canon’s imagePROGRAF PRO 6000 was developed to help you grow your business in photography and photographic printing. This economical wide format printer is competitively priced and cost effective to operate.

Imagine extending your photographic services portfolio with stunning large format production capabilities. Now you are finally able to experience your finest art creations as centrepieces in the galleries that matter. We can help you make it happen.

Whether you’re printing your own work or for others, see a new level of detail and vibrancy in your prints. There’s a lot of clever science that’s behind our new LUCIA PRO ink. The main thing you will see is the phenomenal print quality that is now possible across a range of different media. Colour accuracy has never been easier for the most vibrant of images.

Breathe life into artworks and graphics
Watch the details come to life when you reproduce fine artworks, banners and photographs using your 12 colour ImagePROGRAF 6000. Printing faithfully with true colour, you’ll achieve 60” borderless prints quickly, easily and economically.

True end-to-end control
Crystal Fidelity Canon’s excellence in professional cameras and lenses underpins the development of the imagePROGRAF PRO series. The internal technology is complimented, externally, by the design of our top-end lenses. The famous sleek black and red line illustrates that Canon truly understands the process of capturing, managing and reproducing images to the highest level.

Brilliant black and whites
Monochromatic photos have always had an extra level of elegance. Other printers traditionally mix colours (cyan, magenta and yellow) to recreate grey. This produces a photograph that’s either too warm or too cool. The imagePROGRAF PRO Series uses a combination of two blacks and two greys to give a more natural feel to this type of work.

A pleasure to use
You’ll love the large colour touchscreen that gives you an overview of the options and consumables information. Press any category and see more detailed content with a simple “back” and “home” button for quick operation at the device. A second USB port allows printing from memory devices directly at the printer. A clear preview of the file is available to avoid misprints.

Push the boundaries of creativity
From shoot to print, you’re striving to achieve best. Your Canon EOS perfectly pairs with your ImagePROGRAF 6000 for the most faithful results.

Aim for maximum impact
Take advantage of your PRO’s clear Chroma Optimiser – a clear coat finish that’s automatically applied to your prints – to enhance and boost impact.

Automated and simplified for optimum control
The PRO makes it easy to take control of your printing. With automated colour correction and push button simplicity you’ll achieve stunning realism every time. Plus, smart features, like the ability to print from almost any device improves convenience while a Multifunctional Roll Unit takes the monotony out of managing long print runs.

Never let quality slip
With built-in sensors to read colour density and auto-calibrate print you’ll always achieve the highest quality without having to lift a finger. No need to be a pro. Your user-friendly touchscreen, makes it simple to achieve professional prints from the get-go… and fun to achieve even more with advanced settings.

Advanced Colour Calibration
A powerful colour calibration system ensures the most stable colour reproduction is attainable. With conventional systems, variations in print output can occur. With the imagePROGRAF large format printers, a multi-sensor measures a printed calibration chart and then automatically applies the appropriate adjustment to ensure an exact match for long-term consistency.

Colour proofing technology
By redesigning the mechanical structure of the device the smallest vibrations have been cut. This means that the frame is resistant to any vibration caused during printing thus enhancing ink placement and accuracy. The incredible precision coupled with the outstanding colour quality means the device can be used as a colour proofing solution. Canon has developed new colour conversion technology, which ensures accurate colour reproduction and smoothness by using the full colour gamut of the imagePROGRAF printer. All this whilst maximising output performance and ensuring the black channel is accurately maintained through the workflow.