Advancing Photoshop with Dr Les Walkling | Melbourne

Unfortunately, Advancing Photoshop with Dr Les Walkling has had to be postponed.

SUNSTUDIOS will advise a new date as events unfold.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience, please bear with us during this time.

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This introductory-intermediate one day workshop showcases commonsense Photoshop techniques, logical production strategies and creative visual problem-solving. It is designed for enthusiasts and professional photographers, artists and designers who want to appreciate, understand and apply Photoshop to profoundly enhance their images post their initial RAW file processing (in Lightroom or other RAW processors).
The aim is to answer all your questions while inspiring and facilitating your creative outcomes. Specific topics that have been covered in this workshop include:

Tone and Colour Correction

• Integrating Lightroom and Photoshop into a seamless workflow
• Processing in Lightroom and Editing in Photoshop
• Prioritizing Photoshop: Choosing the right tools - curves, sliders and blending modes
• RGB colour: Editing errors and curves that don’t work
• LAB colour: The advantages and disadvantages of working in CIE LAB
• Separating luminosity and chromaticity strategies

Creative Image Editing

• Making it believable – illusions and lies
• Photorealistic – image capture and extraction
• Advanced selection and processing techniques
• Advanced sharpening – darken/lighten, wavelet, and deconvolution
• Real-time editing of large image files via low-resolution proxies
• Smart Filters – adjustment filter layers

Blending Mode Power Editing

• Understanding Photoshop’s Blending Modes
• Intensification and reduction – Lighten, Darken, Screen, Multiply
• Editing tone and colour – Color, Hue, Saturation, Luminosity
• Variable contrast controls – Soft Light, Overlay, Hard Light
• Layer stacking and alignment – Difference, Subtract, Add
• Combing blending modes

Masking and Compositing

• Luminosity and chromaticity masks – fine detail masking
• Curves Tool masks – visual masking
• Layer Styles masks – split luminosity masking
• Blending Mode masks – tone equalization masking 
• Photographic masks – subtractive and additive masking
• Calculations/Apply Image masks – colour contrast masking

While only a basic working knowledge of Photoshop is assumed, the workshop’s outcomes can be successfully applied to any workflow at any level. We then ensure you are working with the most appropriate tools and workflow, including the critical distinctions and skills required for the significant enhancement of your images.

Though not essential, you are encouraged to bring along a laptop computer with Adobe Photoshop CC installed, and several of your images to work on. The workshop is also supported by a resource-rich website including detailed course notes, videos, and images.